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How to set up the right storage system for your garage


Are you ready to finally set that weekend aside, take the plunge and reorganise your garage? We’ve explored all the possibilities of turning your garage into a multifunctional, comfortable space for the whole family to gather. And with a bit of DIY and the right hardware, your garage storage ideas will be a piece of cake. If you’re still browsing through the Pinnacle Hardware catalogue and are spoilt for choice on where to start (we understand), here’s a look at how one of our satisfied customers went about putting together their dream garage fitout.

David from Werribee decided to renovate his garage to create a setup with cohesive, functional aesthetics and plenty of common space. It would be a daunting task, but it will be worth it for a living and working area that’s less cluttered, and has everything he needs to spend a rainy day indoors. For this, he chose a storage system that scored high on design and value for money.

Step 1 - Plan out your garage

Once David emptied out his garage and had all the clutter sorted, he could have a better idea of what he wanted to install where. This is the best time to decide factors like: will the car be parked inside or outside? Where should the workbench go, and how much extra storage do you need? Can the extra space be used for a home gym, or a kids’ play area? How many hooks and shelves can you use for wall storage? This will give you an idea of the general measurements you need to take, including space for movement.

A great tip we used with this particular installation is to make the workbench area the centrepiece of the garage. Everything else would then be fitted in around it, complete with the overhead TV to watch the footy while on a break or when the rest of the family is in!

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Step 2 - Select the best products

We selected a highly durable timber top workbench, capable of holding up to 500kg, to build our garage storage ideas around. This is where the magic happens, so we needed plenty of both under bench and overhead storage to keep all of David’s tools and materials organised. For this, we selected an XL mobile storage unit that fits perfectly under the workbench and is easily accessible, stylish and secure.

Now it’s time to set up the wall storage. This is where the mighty pegboard comes in – perfect for holding up tools you frequently use, lists, and even decor. Using the workbench top as a guide, we can measure out how to fit in multiple pegboards to create a cohesive tool storage wall that looks pleasing to the eye.

To complete the workbench area, we suggest adding more modular elements like overhead slimline cabinets and single door cabinets. For extra storage in common areas that can be accessed by everyone including the kids, an ideal solution is a durable 4 tier heavy duty adjustable shelf, in matte black to match the rest of the garage.

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Step 3 - Assemble and position everything in place

With everything he needed brought over from the Bunnings at Werribee, David enlisted the help of some of his mates and set to work bringing his garage storage ideas to life. Every Pinnacle product comes with clear-cut, easy to follow instructions that are a breeze to put together with just a rubber mallet and everyday tools.

Once the workbench area and storage cabinets are set up, the rest of it just falls into place, including the marked out area for David’s home gym setup, and a common rest and play area that uses the adjustable shelves. Extra space is marked on the wall, where later he can install hooks and even a vertical bike hanger, to save floor space.

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See the results yourself with Pinnacle Hardware’s storage range

The end result was a dramatic makeover of an otherwise ordinary garage – with clearly defined spaces for the whole family to enjoy, put together with hardware that is sleek and long-lasting. With a solid vision in mind and an endless catalogue to choose from, David set about the best way to visualise his garage storage ideas and transform them into a functional living space.

Does this have you feeling inspired to work on your own garage? Browse the full range of our products on our website, or ask for Pinnacle at your local Bunnings Warehouse to get started.

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