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Installing one of our Pet Doors is a great way to give your dog or cat more freedom to move around the house. They enable your pets to go outside or come back in without the need for assistance. A perfect option for any pet that’s toilet trained.



There are many health benefits to installing pet doors or what dog owners affectionately call “doggy doors”. With the freedom to go into the backyard as they please, your pet can enjoy the advantages of outdoor stimulation in backyards across Australia and New Zealand. They can come and go inside the house as they please. This makes them less likely to leave scratches on your windows and doors whenever they notice an interesting sound or smell outside. Having one of these doors installed can also be a huge benefit to dog and cat owners everywhere, from Australia to New Zealand. There’s no need for your pet to wake you up in the early hours of the morning. They can let themselves out to do their business whenever they need.

Like many other Pinnacle Hardware products, you’ll find these Pet Doors easy to install with the bolts provided. Thanks to their clever design, you’ll find many of the Pet Doors in this range can be installed on most door types including timber and glass. To protect your home from the elements, these doors are also designed to be wind-resistant. So there’s less chance of garden debris and pests coming making their way through on a windy day. For added security, these Pet Doors come with internal locks to prevent would-be intruders from breaking in. Find our Pet Doors at your local Bunnings Warehouse in Australia or New Zealand.