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When you’re trying to reorganise a garage, the difficulty usually comes down to a lack of storage space. If you don’t have a system of shelving units installed, there are other ways to make the most of your space. Whether you’re in Australia or New Zealand, consider installing Storage and Hanging Hooks to utilise the wall space in your garage.



Are you making the most of the storage space in your garage? By installing Storage Hooks you can create more of it. Pinnacle Hardware Jumbo Storage Hooks are a perfect example and can store loads of up to 25kg, such as excess planks of wood. Installation is quick and easy and all you need is the appropriate screws or bolts to install the hooks on your garage wall in Australia or New Zealand. 

Storage Hooks can also be installed on other parts of your garage such as the sides of shelving. Whenever there’s a way to utilise vertical space, we can almost guarantee you’ll be able to do it by installing the right hanging or Storage Hooks. Another great storage solution is our lockable bike hook. It’s an easy option for storing your bikes up and out of the way.

Many of these Pinnacle Hardware Storage Hooks are made from stainless steel so they won’t let you down when you’re mounting extra heavy loads on them. If you’re looking to create more tool storage in your garage, then try our wide range tool holder to free up more workbench space. All of these high quality hanging and Storage Hooks are available in cities across Australia and New Zealand including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Wellington at your local Bunnings Warehouse.