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Cleaning equipment for every home and workplace

Cleaning products are essential for any work or living space. But don’t just settle for low-quality household items like a flimsy plastic bucket. Choose premium equipment that lasts the journey. Explore our latest home cleaning products and equipment range that won’t let you down.

Keep your workspace clean and clear

Tired of using cleaning products that fall apart? Over time, cheap cleaning equipment like your plastic buckets and brushes can crumble and wear out. All this does is add to your cleaning costs for the home or workplace. So what’s a better way to manage your cleaning costs? Consider using premium, hard-wearing equipment like our latest range of buckets and bins, meeting industry standards across Australia and New Zealand.

Our galvanised buckets are built to withstand the everyday wear and tear that comes with your cleaning tasks. These buckets are perfect for commercial and domestic use and they won’t break down in a hurry. The same can be said for our range of metal bins. These heavy-duty cleaning accessories can handle all sorts of knocks and tumbles, perfect for storing outdoor waste and recycling.

Need to keep your workspace squeaky clean for longer? You can find the full Pinnacle range of cleaning products and equipment in all Bunnings Warehouses from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Wellington, New Zealand.