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Find the right fasteners for your project

The Pinnacle range of bolts, screws, and nuts is full of reliable and heavy-duty solutions for your building projects. These fasteners are made with hard-wearing materials like steel and zinc plating that make them a superior choice for securing objects on metal and timber surfaces.

Specialty fasteners for every job

Within our range of bolts, screws, and nuts, we also manufacture heavy-duty rivets, washers, and other specialty fasteners. Many of our fasteners are made with 316 marine grade stainless steel, a material that’s highly resistant to corrosion, compatible with all building codes in Australia and New Zealand. For easy installation, our screws come in various head types including Phillips head, hex and socket.

Our range of fasteners also includes security bolts. These speciality fasteners feature a tamper-proof Torx® system, providing a high level of security on any door or locking mechanism. For additional security needs, you will also find our anti-theft number plate screws are perfect for preventing would-be thieves from removing your number plate.

Our range of rivets can be used for many DIY and craft projects. These rivets are perfect for piercing soft materials such as leather, thin metals, and wood. The split prongs on these rivets enable them to lock in place and secure materials without rolling back. You can find our entire range of bolts, screws, and nuts available at all Bunnings Warehouse locations across Australia and New Zealand.