Sturdy buckets for general cleaning and maintenance

The humble bucket is one of those household items that never stops being useful. It can be utilised for so many household cleaning tasks like washing the car and mopping the floor. But what matters most is how resilient your new bucket is. Get one made from sturdy materials and it will last you for years to come.



Built to last

With so many uses at home, it’s important that your new bucket is built to last. So check that it’s made from sturdy materials that won’t rust, crack or break from everyday usage. We’ve taken all of these issues into consideration when we developed our range of buckets that can be used for both commercial and domestic applications.

Many of our buckets are made from galvanised metal. This ensures they’re extremely resistant to weathering and everyday water exposure. If you’re looking for a reliable floor cleaning tool then check out our Galvanised Mop Bucket. This heavy-duty mop bucket has all the handy features you’d expect including foot pedal-operated rollers to drain your mop and wheels underneath for mobility. Its yellow hazard label also makes this mop bucket perfect for cleaning up spills in commercial environments.

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