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To protect your home from intruders, you need Security Hardware that won’t let you down. Your level of home security comes down to the quality of the products you install. The Pinnacle Hardware range of Security Hardware is made from high quality materials that will survive whatever intruders throw at it, whether you live in Australia or New Zealand.



Security Hardware like our heavy duty hinges can help secure entrances to your home and protect valuables. Many of our gate hinges are made from galvanised steel. This alloy is highly resistant to corrosion, providing a long term solution for your side gate entrance even in harsh conditions in Australia and New Zealand. These heavy duty hinges also have additional security features like a unique locking system that prevents them from being opened at a 45-degree angle.

Window locks also provide an extra element of security to all the windows of your home. Our digital window lock can help bring your home security into the 21st century with a 3 digit combination code system that won’t require keys. This lock can conveniently be installed on aluminium and timber windows.

The entrance to your patio is another element of your home security to consider. If you have sliding doors that are easy to access, you might want to think twice about beefing up the security for them with a deadbolt lock. An easy solution is to install our digital patio bolt. This bolt system is perfect for installing on sliding doors and also features a 3 digit combination code system. Like all Pinnacle Hardware lock systems, it’s quick and easy to install. You can find our entire range of security hardware products available at your local Bunnings Warehouse store in Australia or New Zealand.