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Home DIY & trade tools

Get the essentials you need to complete your favourite DIY projects with our latest range of tools. Much like our hardware and fasteners, you’ll find plenty of premium products that are built to last and take whatever you throw at it. With the combination of our hardware, fastener and tools range, you have everything you need to build and fix things your way.

Everything you need to get the job done right

As a premium hardware specialist in Australia and New Zealand, we’re passionate about giving you the right tools for the job. With the right tools in hand, you can get anything done at home or on the worksite. Another important aspect of your tools is the quality. They need to be built for long-lasting use. There’s nothing worse than using a tool that breaks down when it’s really put to the test. Much like the rest of our product range, you’ll discover our tools are built tough. They’re sturdy enough to take on the challenges of your home DIY projects.

With a sturdy timber and metal construction, products like our Saw Horse will make the perfect addition to your home DIY or trade tools collection. For all your tool storage needs, our Site Box will make another great addition to your garage or workshop. It provides a secure and long-term solution for tool storage.

Not sure if our products are right for your needs? Always check the features and specifications for information such as weight capacity and measurements. Ask at any Bunnings Warehouse across all capital cities in Australia and New Zealand for the Pinnacle range of tools, so you can find the one that fits your requirements.