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Shelter options for your pets

Our latest pets range is full of creature comforts for all your furry and feathered companions. Options like our dog kennels and chicken coops provide plenty of shelter from the elements. Our pet enclosures are suitable for your small and fluffy animals including rabbits and guinea pigs and provide plenty of protection from the elements and space to roam around.

Clever designs for pet comfort

Our dog kennels won’t let your pooch down. The solid timber construction makes them strong enough to endure the wild weather in Australia and New Zealand, and features like the raised floor and waterproof roof ensure dogs get plenty of comfort and protection from the rain. For peace of mind, our dog kennels are also very easy to assemble.

Ready to raise some chickens? Then our chicken coops will make for the perfect housing solution in your backyard. They’re designed to provide ample space and comfort for your chooks. Chicken coops like Pinnacle Hardware’s The Manor come with all the essentials like a separate laying box with lid access and a removable tray for easy cleaning.

For your dogs and cats, we also have a range of pet doors. Getting these pet doors fitted couldn’t be simpler with a 4 bolt installation process. Your pawed companion will find this door easy to operate for access to your home. For added security, these pet doors feature an internal lock and the designs are also wind resistant.

So for all your pet needs, explore the pet enclosure section at Bunnings for Pinnacle Hardware products. From Adelaide, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand, find our entire pet range available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.