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Make the most of your storage space with the Pinnacle range of storage hooks. These storage hooks can be mounted on a wide range of surfaces including brick, plaster, and wood. A number of our hooks can also be mounted on pegboards. Make the most of our hooks by dropping by your local Bunnings Warehouse in Australia or New Zealand and checking out our range.



Pinnacle storage and wall hooks can help you maximise any storage space. These hooks are perfect for installing in garages, sheds, and workshops. Our hanging hooks can be used for storing large items like ladders, garden tools, and even bicycles. With large items stored up on the wall, you’ll be able to free up more space on your garage floor.

Our prong hooks can be used to customise the display of your pegboards. They’re easy to install and move around whenever you need to hang up a new tool or accessory. Many of our hooks are easy to assemble and install like our magnetic hooks that stick to any magnetic material. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your storage. Many of these designs can be used as decorative hooks for interior decorating. Our full range of hooks is available in Bunnings stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Some of our wall hooks can also be used as the perfect tool holder, giving you convenient access to tools when you need them the most. Not sure which wall hook is strong enough to hang up your tools and hardware? Always check the load ratings of our hooks to see how much weight they can support. You can find the entire range of Pinnacle Hardware wall hooks available at your local Bunnings Warehouse. So no matter whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Hastings on the North Island of New Zealand, there’s a local store where you can find your favourite Pinnacle Hardware hooks.