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A high-quality Washer is the perfect accessory to install with a nut and screw. In many ways, a Washer can help protect the condition of a nut and the material your screw is installed on.



Ever installed a Washer but never known why? You’ll often find many flat-pack items come with full sets of screws, nuts, and washers for screws. Washers are usually installed to help protect the screws and the surface you’re installing them on from the elements in Australia and New Zealand. When you install a washer underneath a nut you can minimise the damage made to the surface of the material you’re installing it on. So a Washer can help prevent paint from chipping off a surface whenever there’s a bit of friction or movement with your fastening connection.

Extra movement with your fastening connection often occurs when you’re screwing in or screwing out a fastener. With a washer installed you’re essentially distributing the load of a threaded fastener like a screw. So as you’re unscrewing a screw, you won’t be pulling against a material. Instead, you’ll be pulling against the washer.

Our range of washers is made from a variety of heavy-duty materials like grade 316 stainless steel. This alloy is highly resistant to corrosion and heavy tensions that the washer may experience from fastening installations. Find our full range of washers at your local Bunnings Warehouse in Australia or New Zealand.