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For a full home security solution it’s best to make sure all entries of your house have lockable features. This includes your doors, gates, and windows. Do your windows have security protection? An easy way to make them more secure is to install a new window lock. Trust Pinnacle Hardware for the best home security protection in Australia and New Zealand. 



By installing window locks, you can drastically improve your home security and reduce the risk of intruders breaking into your home. It’s just another way you can protect your most valuable possessions at home. The Pinnacle Hardware range of Window Hardware has many products you can use to beef up your home window security in Australia or New Zealand. 

Our Ikonic™ sliding window locks offer a robust solution for your window security. They are quick and easy to install and come with their own set of keys for locking in place. When it’s time to go away on holidays, you can rest assured that your sliding windows will be sealed tight. These sliding window locks come in a range of colours to suit your home decor including white, primrose, and black.

Sick of keeping track of all your security keys? Pinnacle Hardware digital window locks offer an easy solution as they don’t require keys for locking. With a simple 3-digit passcode you can access these locks whenever you need. Thanks to their tamper-resistant design, they offer an extra layer of security that you just won’t find on other window lock models. You can find the entire window hardware range available at your local Bunnings Warehouse across Australia and New Zealand.