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Home organising: Handy tips to show the mess who’s boss

Nothing beats the feeling of having everything in its right place. Drawers organised to the finest detail, shelves stacked to perfection, not a single blemish on your postcard home. Okay, so it’s never quite that easy, let’s be honest. 

If the thought of organising your home seems daunting, don’t worry. We’ve put together this quick and simple guide to wrestling back your home from mess and clutter. We’ll dedicate a little to each of the main areas of the home. One, because it’s easier to organise a home if you take it room by room, and two, it gives you a chance to assess which rooms most need help.

Lounge Room

Along with the kitchen, your lounge room is the epicentre of activity in your home. The space where relaxation and entertainment converge. It’s also the space where mess comes to hang out uninvited. 

Our urban shelves make a fantastic addition to any lounge room, both aesthetically and practically. Keep wire baskets on the bottom shelves for any spare remotes, cables, and game consoles. Then, it’s up to you. Books, framed pics of the family, your entire succulent collection, it doesn’t matter. Suddenly, the lounge room is yours again. 

These shelves are also brilliant for helping you take control of any hallways or corridors. Particularly the one that leads to the front door or entryway. No longer will rogue shoes and sporting gear dominate this space.

Pinnacle Urban Series shelves placed in a living area with plants and baskets.

Home office

Unless you’re someone who thrives when your office is “organised chaos”, you’ll want to keep things as orderly as possible. An organised workspace fosters productivity and creativity. And doesn’t leave room for any procrastination cleaning.

If you’re pressed for space or want your office to look as minimalistic as possible, a double drawer could be the cure. It’ll fit right under your desk and won’t draw attention to itself. With drawers, you can compartmentalise your office items like your work tasks. Essential documents on one level, office supplies on another. Add some drawer organisers, and you can take charge of those stray pens and notepads. 

It’ll also ensure you begin each day with a clean slate, as there’s nothing worse than having to wrangle yesterday’s mess before you start today’s work.


Yes, a well-organised kitchen makes cooking a joy. But how often is your kitchen well-organised?  

If you want all your kitchen equipment itemised and on display, then consider a pegboard. This endlessly versatile item can be organised in an infinite number of ways, depending on what you want to hang from it. Sick of your beautiful pots and pans being hidden away in the cupboards? Now is their time to shine.

Organising the kitchen with pegboards from Pinnacle


If your home were a river system, your garage would be the catchment area. Pretty soon, all the used-once items you own wash there and settle. And they rarely settle neatly. Leave your garage to its own devices, and it’ll become a swamp of stuff that’s hard to look at, let alone clean. 

Metal cabinets are the perfect starting point for a garage makeover. Sleek, durable, and stackable, they provide an instant home for those items that only ever seem to live on the garage floor. Tall cabinets can hold sporting equipment, brooms, and even last year’s Christmas tree. Smaller cabinets can be that extra bit of tool storage above the workbench.  

You needn’t neglect tiny items in the garage, either. With drawer organisers, you can sort your nails and screws in neat, easy-to-reach categories. With these storage devices and a free afternoon, you can turn your garage back into a haven for DIY projects. 

Pinnacle: Your home storage experts

As you can see, with a little patience and a few items from Pinnacle’s expansive range of storage products, you can lift the organisation levels in your home. The living room floor will be safe to navigate again, and that filleting knife will be right where you need it to be. 

No matter what space you need to organise, our products will perfectly suit that space. Just check out your local Bunnings and explore our complete range today!


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