Make the most of your garage storage for a fun family space

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for more space than just inside your house, why not consider the garage? All that extra space can be used for more than just parking the car. Whether it’s to store decades’ worth of documents, setting up a home gym, or just a special corner for some me-time, the possibilities are endless.

We take you through a few tips on how to make the most of your extended living space, using our helpful ideas for garage storage. There’s something for everyone, and several creative ways in which you can free up space for more family time.

Declutter and organise

The first step to creating more space is always the most basic: decluttering. Go through all the ‘junk’ lying around in the garage and sort them into piles, of what is needed and what is not. The unwanted stuff can go into the rubbish or to charity, while the rest can be organised with extra shelves. Our Pinnacle 5 Tier Adjustable Corner Shelves makes the most of every corner and makes organising your clutter a breeze. You can add a metal cabinet for some secure garage storage options and store away any dangerous or valuable tools and equipment.

Another handy tip to increase available space is to get as much off the floor as possible. The wall is a great alternative to hang up tools using a pegboard, so they are always within reach and in one place. You can also consider hooks as great ideas for garage storage. Use magnetic hooks to hang more tools, bags, and accessories from a pegboard, side of a metal cabinet or shelf, while ceiling hooks can hold pulleys or planters. By the end of it, you’ll have plenty of space that you can best decide what to do with.

Divide up your extra space

Now that you’ve freed up space, you can organise it further by dividing it into zones based on you or your family’s needs. For example, if you need a space like a mini office or man-cave dedicated to your hobbies, you can select a corner to set up a workbench. Or use our Pinnacle Pro Series Storage Stations to combine the convenience of a bench top and extra garage storage. A benchtop organiser is a great final touch to separate and store smaller tools and loose items.

Create a kids’ corner where they can play and store all their outdoor toys. Use any of our garage shelves to sort out their sports equipment, from footballs to cricket kits. Hang up their bikes and skateboards on the wall, using a multipurpose hanging rack. Basket shelves are perfect for smaller toys making them easy to see and reach.

Personalise your family garage

You can also use your pegboards to hang up decorations like photographs or souvenirs, giving each designated corner a personal touch based on who uses it. Use wall or ceiling hooks to hang potted plants and bring a little more green to your garage. Placing a colourful rubber mat on the floor of your kids’ corner adds a fun element that protects them from injury while playing. There are all kinds of ways you can liven up your garage to make it feel truly part of the home. But don’t forget to leave enough space for your car!

Get the best garage storage solutions from Pinnacle

If you need ideas for garage storage to create a multipurpose living and working space for your whole family, look no further. The Pinnacle Hardware range has everything you need in interior storage solutions both big and small. We pride ourselves on high quality products that are long-lasting, convenient and easy to assemble, all at an affordable price.

Explore our full selection on our website, or check them out in-person at a Bunnings Warehouse closest to you.

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