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How to choose the perfect tool storage for your workspace


For every tradie, mechanic, or DIYer, there comes a time when your tool collection outgrows that messy space at the end of the workbench. Immediately, the question becomes, where do you put them? There’s no denying that being organised makes lots of tasks easier. Without a well-organised tool chest or tool trolley, you’ll spend more time looking and less time completing. 

But which to choose? To help you make the best choice, here is our simple but helpful guide to choosing the perfect tool storage for your workspace.

Types of tool storage

Recognising that you need tool storage is the first step. The next step is working out which type of storage will suit your space. Let’s look at three popular types: 

Tool chest

A tool chest, like the ones in our Pro Series range, are perfect if you have a dedicated space set aside in your workshop or garage. The universal home for all your tools, your tool chest should keep everything you need within reach. What it lacks in mobility, it makes up for in size and sorting potential. 

Pinnacle’s Pro Series 73’ Drawer Tool Chest.

Tool trolley

A tool trolley is the best of both worlds: it’s both mobile and has fantastic storage capacity. Our Pro Series tool trolleys let you move your tools around your workplace, a feature that makes them ideal for anyone with a large space filled with multiple projects.

Pinnacle’s Pro Series 56” 12 Drawer Mobile Tool Trolley.

Side cabinet

If your tool collection is already impressive, but you need more storage, a side cabinet is ideal. It lets you add much-needed storage without having to rearrange your workspace. The compact design of a side cabinet also makes it a great stand-alone tool chest for the end of your workbench. 

How tool storage can improve your workspace

It keeps your space organised 

Not just your tools. A tool chest keeps your stray screws and nails in one place rather than strewn all over the shop. A single, fixed home for your tools means every job or DIY project starts smoothly, not with you scratching your head. 

It keeps your tools safe

Keeping your tools locked away in a chest or trolley gives you peace of mind and saves you from having to replace any stolen or misplaced tools. Keeping your tools locked up also keeps your little ones safe from finding them. 

It increases the life of your tools 

While your tools aren’t alive, they do have a shelf life. To keep them on the shelf as long as possible, you need to take care of them. A tool left wherever you used it last is at risk of accidental harm, such as being knocked off a workbench. 

While a quality hammer can withstand knocks and bumps, an expensive power tool cannot. By keeping your tools stored safely away, they are less likely to be affected by damaging things such as dust and rust. Keeping your tools in a tool chest gives you the best chance of enjoying them in the future instead of mourning them in the present. 

What to consider before buying tool storage

We’ve covered the different types of tool storage and why they’re handy. Now, it’s time to shift the focus to you. In other words, why do you need tool storage? To make the best decision for your workspace, you need to consider the following things:

Storage capacity

The trick here is to consider both the short and long term. If your tool collection is small, you may only need an end cabinet. If you plan to grow your collection, though, it’s worth considering a tool chest or trolley now rather than having to buy one later. While you mightn’t have the collection to fill our Pro series 18 drawer just yet, knowing you have the potential to is a good starting point.  


Again, how many drawers you need depends on how many tools you have. It also depends on the variety of tools you have. The sensible rule of thumb is the more variety, the more drawers. In an effective workspace, wrenches and screwdrivers have no business mingling in the same drawer space. 

Drills stored in Pinnacle’s Pro Series Tool Chest drawer.


Every toolbox or chest must be durable, as it needs to withstand wear and tear from the inside and outside. How durable yours needs to be will depend mainly on how often you use it. If you use your tool storage frequently, you should consider the durability of the entire unit. Everything from how well the drawers open and close to how smoothly the wheels roll. 


Unless you’re working with a portable toolbox that never leaves your sight, you need locks. The more you grow your collection, the more critical this point becomes. Efficient, reliable locks will give you peace of mind.  

Charging ports

A dead battery from scrolling on your phone is one thing. A dead battery when you’re about to fix the towel rack in the bathroom is another thing entirely. The beauty of tool storage, such as our 4 drawer tall cabinet, is that it has access ports for interior power. This is especially handy when the only socket in your garage is buried behind a pile of old boxes. 

Choosing the right tool storage is, like any other investment, a choice that takes time. Do your research rather than leap at the first glittery bargain. If you’re patient and thorough, you’ll end up an asset that helps you build, mend, and create for years to come.

Organise your tools like a pro with Pinnacle!

No matter whether your tool collection is small or large, Pinnacle has the tool storage that perfectly suits your needs and keeps all bases covered. Durable and efficient, Pinnacle Hardware won’t let you down. Find the ideal storage for your collection at your nearest Bunnings Warehouse.


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