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Garage storage cabinets: The foolproof way to own your space


Is there any other space in your home that wears as many hats as the garage? Home to your four-wheeled pride and joy, your DIY projects, or those weird and wonderful objects you have no memory of buying. At its worst, your garage is the Wild West. At its best, it rivals a studio, workshop, or mudroom for its functionality. 

But only with the right storage. You’re not taming a room full of stuff without garage cabinets. These simple, practical items help you haul everything into line and keep it that way. 

Which garage storage cabinet is right for you? Do you need a complete storage overhaul, or do you simply need the final piece of that storage puzzle? Our foolproof guide has the answers you need.

Why you need metal storage cabinets

When it comes to versatility and aesthetics, it’s hard to top Pinnacle’s range of storage cabinets. Made from metal and powder-coated in matte black, our cabinets tick all the boxes. Durable? Tick. Easy to install and easy to clean? Tick. Once you have one of these cabinets in your garage, you’ll only need to work out what goes in them! 

Which garage cabinet to choose

Not all garages are built the same. Like a game of Tetris, you need to find the right cabinet to level it up and fit in the space.

Tall cabinets

If you have room for a tall cabinet, you won’t regret adding one to your garage setup. These units are sturdy enough to carry almost anything that’s found its way into your garage. If you’ve got a tonne of smaller items that need grouping, set aside a shelf for each group. 

Otherwise, remove all the shelves and make it home for all the brooms, mops, or rakes you’ve got leaned up against a wall somewhere, waiting to become a tripping hazard. If you want the best of both worlds, get a double-door. If you want that old-school locker look and feel, go with the single

Wall-mounted cabinets 

Clear the floor. That’s the name of the game. An effective garage setup is one you can glide through without disturbing a speck of dirt. Wall-mounted cabinets are perfect for this. Now you can stuff away anything lying around gathering dust, like those dumbbells you bought last summer.

A drill, paint bucket, and cleaning supplies locked away in Pinnacle’s wall-mounted single-door cabinet.

Storage stations

If you need to hit the reset button on your garage organisation and start from scratch, consider a storage station. This is the boss of all garage storage cabinets; no arguments. While you need a decent amount of space for one, the payoff is that you can store everything you’ve hoarded for the past decade and still have room for more. 

Pinnacle Hardware’s Pro Series 5 storage stations.

Compact cabinets

Another cabinet to keep your garage floor free from clutter is the slimline cabinet. It’ll be equally at home set above your workbench as it is above the bike rack. Its gas struts also mean you won’t need to hold the door open while you look for your stuff. A slimline’s versatility means it’s the perfect stand-alone storage unit or one that complements other units. 

Mobile cabinets

A garage cabinet needn’t be stationary, though. If your garage is a space that demands storage that can move around with your DIY projects, then a mobile cabinet should be at the top of your shopping list. Heavy-duty, secure, and easy to move, this cabinet obeys every whim and delivers every time. 

Pinnacle Hardware’s Pro Series XL mobile storage unit.

Become the garage storage master with Pinnacle!

At Pinnacle Hardware, we love the satisfaction gained from getting your garage in order. That’s why we created our superior range of metal storage cabinets. Sleek, durable, and easy to install and use, a cabinet from us will prove a welcome addition to any garage, regardless of size or shape. So, why not head into your local Bunnings today and kickstart your garage revolution? 


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