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5 more ways to decorate your dog kennels

We’ve talked about this topic before, but since then, we’ve had such an influx of pictures from happy customers who have redecorated their dog kennel in all kinds of ways, that we thought it was worth another article.

After you have assembled our dog kennels from Bunnings, you have a choice of how to decorate your dog’s new home. There is a myriad of ways that you can go about this, and the pictures that our customers have sent us to testify to this fact. Some pets have their own doorbells, and some sit in canine homes christened with their names.

There are so many exciting options when it comes to redecorating a dog house, but if you’re not sure where to start, let this article help inspire you.


While this is an article about how to decorate pet kennels, with the naturally attractive look of our pet houses, you can get by with very little trimmings in order to make your pooch’s home personalised.

For example, some of our customers simply add their dog’s name to the kennel and a comfy sleeping cushion for their dog to enjoy to make a snug and comfortable place for their pet to sleep. So it’s worth considering keeping your dog houses as they come if you just want your pet to start using the kennel right away.

The solid timber construction of our pet houses means that you can enjoy a natural, exposed wood look without having to lift a finger redecorating. The waterproof roof is an eco-friendly green that is sure to blend in with your garden.

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If you really want to make a statement with our pet houses, then consider taking a colourful approach. In our last article on decorating a dog kennel, we talked about creating a striped Brighton bathing box look, and even Scooby-Doo-themed dog houses.

The possibilities really are endless, and they are only limited by your imagination, so consider what bright colours take your fancy, and have fun with our dog kennels from Bunnings. You have permission to paint the dog kennel red if you want!

Another way of adding colour to your kennel is to attach a flower planter to the side of a dog kennel and fill it with eye-catching blooms. It will look like your dog has a mini home of its own!

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One of the easiest ways to personalise your dog’s new home is to add your dog’s name above the doorway, or anywhere on your kennel. You can do this in a rather rudimentary way, by simply painting it above the door, or you can go to a bit more trouble and create a sign to hang on your dog’s residence.

The sign can be painted in the same colour scheme as the rest of the kennel, or you can use colours that contrast so that it really stands out. However, if you decide to do it, demarcating your dog’s name on our dog kennels from Bunnings will instantly make it start to feel like home.

You don’t have to take an obvious approach to this either, you could even put your dog’s name on the roof of the dog kennel if you want, it’s all down to your preferences and how you want to decorate. Everyone takes a slightly different approach, and it is always amazing to see how our customers decorate their dog houses.



Not everyone wants to make their dog kennels from Bunnings loud and attention-grabbing. Some people prefer more neutral tones. One practice for decorating our pet houses that our customers seem to enjoy is to paint your dog’s home in the same tones as your own home.

Whether you do that or come up with a unique muted colour scheme for your dog’s kennel, you can be sure that your choice of paint blends in with the backdrop. Pastels are a good choice if you want a more subtle look when painting our dog kennels from Bunnings.

You may even have some paint leftover from the last time you painted your fence, which can easily be adapted to create a matching dog house. Waste not, want not. Decorating your dog’s kennel doesn’t have to be an expensive affair if you make use of materials you already have around the house or in the garage.

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Some dog owners go all out with decorating their dog kennels from Bunnings, making them highly unique creations with all the luxurious touches and details. One such owner added cooling tile flooring so that their pet’s paws would remain nice and cold in Summer.

Other important details that lift dog houses from ordinary to extraordinary include door knockers or doorbells, windows cut into the dog kennel, flower pot planters, street numbers, and even night lights!

You can really take this idea of redecorating your pet’s home to any lengths you desire. Make sure you add in a mini mattress, cushion, or collection of blankets, so your pet is nice and comfy.

A little luxury


Our dog kennels are built to be hardy in all kinds of weather, with a waterproof roof and strong wooden exterior. They give you the perfect starting point for a unique dog kennel. Choose to keep them as they are or make them into highly customised castles for your pets. Decorating dog houses is a great DIY project to get the kids involved in over the Summer holidays.

You can find our complete range of dog kennels at Bunnings Warehouse.

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