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Setting up a dog kennel in your backyard

Like any passionate dog owner, it’s only natural that you want a cosy place for your dog to rest outside. But it’s about more than just comfort when you choose the right dog kennel. The right kennel should help your dog stay safe and sheltered from the elements when they need it the most.

There are many elements to consider when choosing the right dog kennel for your pooch. Is it made from weatherproof materials to protect your pooch from the rain? What about the location? Believe it or not, placing a dog kennel in the right spot can help your dog feel safe and comfortable. A dog kennel can also help provide an element of security for your home.

Last but not least, there’s also the size of the kennel to consider. Will it always be big enough to accommodate your dog properly? Certain dog breeds can grow substantially bigger by the time they are a fully grown adult. To answer all of your questions, we’re sharing with you our top tips for setting up a dog kennel. We’ll also go through some of the features that make our range of Pinnacle Hardware dog kennels a top pick for any pooch owner.


Finding the right size dog kennel is vital for your dog’s comfort. It’s also one of the first steps you should take before figuring out where it goes in your backyard. If your dog is fully grown, then you can rely on its current measurements. But if your dog is only a puppy, then it’s worth looking up more information on their breed to accurately predict how big they will grow.

One of the first things you should do is measure your dog from the top of its head to the floor. The next measurement you should take is the length from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. The height of your new dog kennel needs to be at least 10cm taller and longer than your dog. So keep these measurements handy as you’re looking at different dog kennels to buy.

If a dog kennel ends up being too small, it’s likely your dog won’t feel comfortable enough to sleep in it. They may choose to ignore it completely as a place for shelter. If the kennel ends up being too big, then your dog may choose to go to the bathroom on one side of it and sleep on the other. This can quickly result in a very unsanitary place for your dog to rest.

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After you know what dog kennel size your dog needs it’s time to choose the right style. A quick search online will show you many different options. You’ll find dog kennels made from all sorts of materials, including different types of metal, plastic, and timber. Ultimately you want a dog kennel that’s built to be weatherproof. Any high-quality dog kennel made from these materials should have a weatherproofing treatment applied to it.

Start from the ground up when you’re looking for weatherproof features. The base of a dog kennel should have feet. This helps the kennel’s floor to stay elevated above the ground and prevents flooding. If the feet have an extra grip then this helps to ensure the dog kennel will stay firmly in position and won’t be swayed by wild winds.

Don’t forget to check out the roof of your dog kennel. It’s the one spot that’s most susceptible to rainfall and water damage. What you really want is some element of weather protection on the roof. This helps to prevent the roof from rotting and causing further damage to the rest of the kennel.

If you want your dog’s food supply to be safe, then consider using a dog kennel for protection. Some kennels, like our model called ‘The Villa’, have an additional covered porch area where you can place the dog bowl. This little area ensures your dog’s food is protected from elements like rain.

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After choosing the right model of dog kennel, it’s time to decide on the perfect placement for it. Your kennel may be weatherproof, but it’s still a good idea to place it in a spot that won’t get exposed as much to the elements. It’s a great way to keep your dog kennel in great condition for years to come.

When you’re looking for the perfect spot, consider the following things. Avoid low and uneven areas where rainwater collects and floods your yard. The ground should have some form of water drainage. Try and pick an area that has some form of shade, even if it’s partial. This helps to ensure the dog kennel won’t always overheat in summer.

For the sake of maintaining a good relationship with your neighbours, it’s also a good idea to keep the kennel away from any shared property lines. So think twice about putting the kennel up against the fence. It’s also a good idea to avoid placing the dog kennel beneath any trees. Branches can fall down and damage the roof of your kennel and potentially injure your dog in the process.

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Here at Pinnacle Hardware, we are proud to offer a great range of dog kennels that are designed and built to cater for all your dog’s needs. They’re spacious and built to withstand tough weather conditions. All of our models come with weatherproof features, including raised floors and waterproof roofing.

Many of our dog kennels come in size categories that match the size of your dog. For example, our large dog kennels are built to house large-sized breeds like german shepherds and golden retrievers. With a natural timber finish, we like to think our kennels will also pair up nicely with the rest of the outdoor furniture in your yard.

You can browse our dog kennel category online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to see our entire range in person. While you’re exploring the pet section at Bunnings, why not check out our range of pet doors? They’re easy to install and suitable for dogs and cats.


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