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5 ways to make dog kennels more comfortable


Settling into a new dog kennel isn’t always easy for your pawed pal. Some dogs are extra fussy, and others, not so much. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into choosing the right dog kennel. Your dog could still lose interest and head straight for a shady spot on the verandah instead. If you want to encourage your dog to spend more time in the kennel, there are a few ways to go about it.

A dog kennel should provide the essential shelter your dog needs to be happy, healthy, and, most of all, comfortable. There are plenty of tried and true methods for making a dog kennel comfier regardless of its breed or temperament. To help you out, we’re more than happy to share a few tips with you.


Does your dog have enough room to move around in their dog kennel? Picture what your dog usually does when they find a bed to sit on. Classic doggy behaviour usually sees them turning around in a full circle before they plonk themselves down. Your dog should be able to comfortably do this in their new dog kennel too.

Ideally, your dog needs enough space to stand up, turn around and stretch within the confines of their dog kennel. Alternatively, try to make sure the kennel isn’t too big either. The extra space may encourage them to do their business in there too. For more advice on choosing the right size dog kennel, check out our latest article on it right here.

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The dog kennel needs to be a place where your dog can rest and relax even when they’re not sleeping. One of the things they love doing most when they’re not sleeping is chewing on a toy to help ease that boredom and frustration. So consider adding a few of their favourite items.

Placing some chew toys in their kennel is a great way to lure them in and encourage them to stay there. Think about putting in items like a bone or a chew toy filled with peanut butter to help them pass the time and feel more comfortable in the process.

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If your dog is going to stay comfortable in its new dog kennel, it needs to at least have a good temperature. We’re not saying you go into full DIY mode here and install a heating or cooling system. We’re only suggesting that there are some really simple ways to help moderate the temperature of the dog kennel. An easy fix is making sure the kennel is in a good position in the backyard. Over Summer you can move the dog kennel to a shaded area to ensure it doesn’t overheat throughout the day.

When winter comes around you can make sure the kennel is elevated like our small, medium, and large dog kennels. Doing this ensures the kennel doesn’t come into contact with cold surfaces below which can make the inside colder. Filling the dog kennel up with more items like old blankets and pillows can also help make it warmer. This method works because you’re reducing excess open space, which helps prevent heat loss.

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Dog kennels don’t always come with all the essential features for comfort. Something we highly recommend you add to the dog kennel is a good blanket. You can put in an old blanket that no longer gets used at home. But if you really want to spoil your pooch, there are plenty of great options available at your local pet store. Your dog deserves to have a comfy blanket, so why not buy one that’s customised to their needs?

Many dog blankets today are made to be comfortable and durable. So hopefully, your dog won’t chew it up in an instant. You’ll find many options that are made from reflective materials. This helps to reflect their body heat and create a warmer sleeping surface for winter. Over the summer, try switching out the blanket for one made with cooling materials like bamboo fibres. These natural materials will help cool your dog down when temperatures soar.

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There are many things you can do to make a dog kennel one of your pooch’s favourite spots to hang out. We’ve already mentioned comfortable options like a blanket for sleeping or chew toys to help them cure boredom. But there’s one more essential activity your dog could be doing at their dog kennel.

Feeding your dog is another great way to lure them towards the dog kennel. So try and make it a habit to fill up your dog’s bowl at the dog kennel. By making it a habit, you’re developing a more positive association with them. Large dog kennels like our very own Villa Dog Kennel usually have a sheltered area where you can store their food bowl so it won’t be exposed to the weather.

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Here at Pinnacle Hardware, we’re proud to bring you our range of comfy options, including our small to large dog kennels. They’re designed to be spacious and full of all the creature comforts your dog needs to live a healthy and happy life. Features like weatherproof roofing ensure your dog is well protected from the sun and excessive rain.

All of our dog kennels also come with raised flooring to provide further protection and comfort from whatever Aussie weather conditions throw at them. As a treat for you, we’ve also made sure these dog kennels are incredibly easy to assemble. No complicated tools or years of DIY hardware experience are required here. Simply follow our easy-to-read instructions, and you’ll be well on your way. To check out our entire range of dog kennels, simply visit your local Bunnings Warehouse or go online today.

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