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5 simple ideas to maximise your shed storage


Let’s face it, most of us who have sheds deal with clutter every time we open the door.

Whether you paid a contractor to build one from scratch or decided to purchase one yourself, there are likely leftover materials, random stored items, and general obstruction all over the place.

But, proper storage doesn’t have to be an inconvenience.

Let’s take a look at five shed storage ideas you need to know about.

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This is one of the most obvious tips, but it’s included for its usefulness that can’t be overlooked.

Workbenches provide space for tools and equipment that are small or medium in size while also functioning as an area for DIY projects.

We have a wide range of workbenches, from smaller compact ones to our premium timber-top units that feature key lockable drawers and cabinets. If you need a quality workbench with high weight capacity, premium workbenches are a solid choice.

And, if you want something to help keep the bench top clear with drawers for all your fasteners and small assorted items, try our benchtop organisers so you can always know exactly where those M5 x 25mm screws are.

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Similar to workbenches, this tip is reasonably straightforward, however, a lot of people don’t really take the time to measure and plan their space and instead rush out and buy cheap, flimsy shelving which is not only inadequate for their storage needs in terms of space and size but also, looks terrible and can actually waste space and make matters worse.

We recommend taking the time to plan your space, think about maximising the height you have available and about the items you need to store and how you want your shed to function and then go and buy shelving to meet those needs.

In addition, our 6 tier 2090 series shelving range has a clever feature where you can build it into 3 tier half units allowing it to function as both shelving and also benchtop space.

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Like workbenches and shelves, metal cabinets are a storage idea that is also deceptively simple.

The great part, though, is that you can store your valuable tools or dangerous chemicals and lock them away with its lockable key system so they are safe and out of the way.

Our cabinets also provide a great deal of aesthetic value and organisation, with multiple options to choose from. We have both single and double-door upright units. Our double-door cabinets come in a gloss black finish and the single-door cabinet in a matte black finish. We also have wall-mountable slimline and square cabinets and mobile cabinets that fit under your workbench to save space but which can also be wheeled out when needed.

We recommend item GOS001, which is one of our double-door upright cabinets for use in our range of Skillion and Gable Roof sheds, and can be used anywhere and on any side of the shed. For our Gable Roof sheds, which are the larger sizes, you can also use our 1830 series metal cabinet (GOS002) on the gable sides of the shed to give you extra height and an extra shelf.

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Ever waste time looking for the right nails, screws, or bolts?

Try our new range of plastic totes! You’ll save plenty of time and frustration, and you’ll also avoid accidentally pricking yourself with a stray screw, pin or other sharp objects while looking for the right one.

All of our Plastic Totes come with rails to mount them onto any wall, whilst a few even come with a multi-mount rail system like the two below. This allows you to either mount to a wall or under a workbench/cabinet.

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Hoses and cords of any type have a tendency to get tangled on their own when they’re just thrown on the shelf, or, worse, just thrown in. If you’re in a hurry (or aren’t a fan of untangling these objects), this can easily become the most frustrating part of your day.

Instead, try mounting some hooks on your shed walls and use them to hang all your rolled-up cords and hoses. Pinnacle Hardware’s Large Single and Double Utility Hooks are perfect for this. Not only will this keep extra clutter off of the floor, but you’ll also be able to easily find the object that you need for your current project.

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Finding The Right Shed Storage Ideas Can Seem Difficult although with the above shed storage ideas in mind, you’ll be well on your way to getting rid of the mess and making the most of your space.

For some helpful hints on how to organise your storage into zones, check out this article.


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