Heavy Duty XL Single Drawer

  • GOS141
  • F/L: 0262785

Dimensions mm

725W x 350H x 520D

The Pinnacle heavy duty drawers are the perfect solution if you’re looking to add extra storage and space to your existing shelves. They are designed to fit all Pinnacle shelving and urban series workbenches with a 540mm shelf depth or as standalone units due to their stackable design. They come pre-assembled with double drawer sliders, full length metal handles and a powder coated matte black finish.

For the best finish it is recommended to adjust the shelf height to the height of the drawers so they fit flush between the two shelves. This secures the drawers and reduces the risk of them sliding out. For standard shelving, leave 10 keyholes free between shelves and for heavy duty shelving and urban series workbenches, leave 8 keyholes free between shelves.

Shelving units should always be secured to a wall to prevent them from tipping over.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Full length metal handle
  • Double drawer sliders
  • Stackable design with bolts
  • Internal and external liners


  • Finish: Powdercoated
  • Colour: Matte Black

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