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Garage storage brochure

Apart from some special order items, this brochure contains our entire storage range including shelving, cabinets, modular, workbenches, pegboard, hooks, plastic storage and benchtop storage. Keep it close for your next storage or DIY project. Whether it be at home, the office, warehouse or shopfront, we’ve got solutions to get you sorted!

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The Pinnacle Hardware Modular Garage Storage System is the perfect solution for storage around your home, garage and shed. This range features lockable cabinets, timber benchtops and a stylish powdercoated matte black finish. All products come in an easy to build, kit form, ready to assemble with all the parts you need.

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Our Heavy Duty series is the perfect solution for storage around your home, garden and shed. Its adjustable shelves and high load capacity make it suitable for storing a mix of heavier items, large and small that you want to keep organised and out of the way. And it comes in an easy to build kit form, ready to assemble, with all the parts you need.

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Our 1830 & 2090 series comprise complete shelving and metal cabinet solutions that provide seamless storage for your home, garage, office or warehouse. Matching heights and depths provide a neat and tidy aesthetic and space is maximised. Each product comes in an easy to build kit form, ready to assemble, with all the parts you need. All shelving units feature a keyhole assembly system with no nuts or bolts, all you need is a rubber mallet to gently tap each part into place. Flush top shelves give you easy access to all your stuff and can be moved up or down as needed. Rubber feet add stability and stop units from scratching or dinting the floor and the lockable metal cabinets also feature adjustable shelves.

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Workbenches provide space for tools and equipment that are small or medium in size while also functioning as an area for DIY projects. We have a wide range of workbenches from smaller compact ones to our premium timber-top units that feature key lockable drawers and cabinets.

Our dynamic, interchangeable pegboard range was designed to fit all of our standard and heavy duty shelving giving you extra space and flexibility for items more suited for hanging. Available in 3 different sizes, it can also be installed on both walls and doors around the house, garage or warehouse.

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Choosing storage that’s right for your workspace can turn everyday frustration into a labour of love. Our range of Benchtop Organisers was designed exactly for that purpose. Made from metal and durable plastic, these units feature a heavy duty construction and have multiple compartments to keep items easily accessible, safe and organised. As well as being a great addition to your benchtop, they can also be mounted to the wall or any of the pegboards in our range.

Ever waste time looking for the right nails, screws, or bolts? Try our new range of plastic totes! You’ll save plenty of time and frustration, and you’ll also avoid accidentally pricking yourself with a stray screw, pin or other sharp object while looking for the right one. All of our Plastic Totes come with rails to mount them onto any wall whilst a few even come with a multi-mount rail system like the two below. This allows you to either mount to a wall or under a workbench / cabinet.

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Hoses and cords of any type have a tendency to get tangled on their own when they’re just thrown on the shelf, or worse, just thrown in. If you’re in a hurry (or aren’t a fan of untangling these objects), this can easily become the most frustrating part of your day.

Instead, try mounting some hooks and hang all your rolled-up cords and hoses. Pinnacle Hardware have a wide selection of hooks including Garage Storage hooks, Standard / Heavy Duty Pegboard hooks and even Magnetic hooks! Not only will this keep extra clutter off of the floor, but you’ll also be able to easily find the object that you need for your current project.

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The Pinnacle Urban Series doesn’t just look the part in the garage, it’s also the perfect addition to your home, shopfront, restaurant or cafe. Featuring a combination of matte black heavy-duty frame and the warmth and style of timber shelves or benchtops, this range works equally well as showpiece or practical garage workhorse. And, each model in the range comes in a quick and easy to build kit form, ready to assemble with all the parts you need.

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