Just in case your Christmas tree isn’t already filled with Pinnacle inspired decorations, here’s another one we know you’re going to love!

Using our Pinnacle upholstery pins, we have created some rustic style baubles to add to your collection. Super easy and using limited materials, these homemade but striking decorations are sure to look great with any themed tree. What’s more, these stylish baubles are a great activity to do with the kids with little to know mess. Just ensure children are supervised because the pins can be a little sharp and a hot glue gun is one of the tools used.

Best of all, you get to choose your favourite finish from our range of upholstery pins, whether it be gold, silver or bronze, or combine them all to create a variety of patterns and colour combinations. Whatever you decide, we’re sure it will look fabulous!

Level of Difficulty:

Project Duration:
15 Minutes

Music album to listen along to (COMPULSORY ????):
Everyday Is Christmas – Sia


Styrofoam balls, Pinnacle Upholstery Pins, ribbon, hot glue gun.

We used 75mm styrofoam balls and about 3 packets of upholstery pins per ball.

Step 1

We recommend you begin by painting your styrofoam to match the colours of your chosen upholstery nails. Or, you could go for something contrasting and a bit different and use a bright colour as the background colour!

If you are painting the styrofoam ball, ensure it is fully dry before using a hot glue gun to attach the two ends of a ribbon to the top of your styrofoam ball forming a loop.

Step 2

Gently push your upholstery pins into the styrofoam ball. Start from the top, where the ribbon is, and work your way down and around the styrofoam ball until you have covered it entirely. And that’s it!

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