A great part of Christmas each year is the customary advent calendar, the ultimate countdown to Christmas day. Why not mix it up this year and make your own? Using our Pinnacle Storage Totes, you can fill each box with anything from chocolates to hardware accessories and everything in between. It’s the perfect way to get creative with daily surprises and super simple to make with all the products available from your local Bunnings

And, once Christmas is over you can re-use the totes in your garage or shed to store and organise fasteners, parts and all the other bits and pieces you’ve got lying around.

Level of Difficulty:

Project Duration:
1-1.5 hours 

Music album to listen along to (COMPULSORY ????):
Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Glee Cast


Storage Totes, Tote Box Holder, Pegboard, scissors or craft knife, tape, items to fill the totes with.

Step 1

Start by printing off some numbered labels on paper to stick on the totes. The labels should be 10cm x 5.5cm to fit on the front panel of the totes. Cut the labels out with some scissors or a craft knife.

Step 2

Using rolled up tape, stick the labels onto the totes.

Step 3

Attach the tote box holders to the pegboard and then your tote boxes. Each tote box holder can fit up to 3 totes.

Step 4

One you have arranged your totes on the pegboard, have fun filling each tote with small gifts, chocolates and candy canes!

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