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Nick’s Garage Makeover


Nick is a keen DIYer, a family man and an occasional fisherman. He reached out to us with the opportunity to revamp his garage space, and we were only too happy to help. We love collaborating with people to support their dreams of an organised garage space. The proof really is in the pudding when we take a jumbled, chaotic garage and turn it into a roomy, well-organised DIY heaven using Pinnacle storage solutions.

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Project Objectives

The objective of this project was to maximise the storage space possible in Nick’s garage so he had plenty of space for his tools. But he also wanted to reserve the room for bench space where he could actually drill, saw, and nail as he worked on his DIY projects.

Also, Nick had accumulated the usual garage items, such as spray bottles, oils, and other liquids, as well as fuel for lawnmowers, a large esky and camping gear, and other assorted things that needed to be stored and kept off the floor.

All this needed to be achieved while keeping enough space in the garage for a car to drive in and be under shelter. That meant using vertical wall space at the sides of the garage.

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Project Outcomes

The outcome of this collaboration was that Nick finally had a spot for everything, including a place to do DIY projects and enough space to fit a car.

To achieve this, we used our 1830 Series shelving range to boost the storage capacity of NIck’s garage. Then, to find a place for all his tools, we used the Pro Series Garage Storage Range with its inbuilt drawers, cabinets, overhead storage and pegboard. The modular nature of this range means it can be customised and extended as per the space it will fit into. Our 605mm magnetic toolbars and our benchtop and drawer organisers took care of smaller items.

The matte black finish of all our storage products gave Nick’s garage the visual harmony that was previously missing. Once he had put all his items away in our storage products, there was even room for his fishing lines to be displayed.

Now Nick Can relax knowing that all his tools and other garage paraphernalia are within easy reach.

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At Pinnacle, we love helping you create functional spaces in your home and garage, and our products are designed with that end in mind. If your garage is doing your head in, why not take the time to declutter and start again with our industry-leading garage storage solutions?

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