In this DIY project, we address the age-old chestnut of what to do with all the Christmas cards we receive during the holiday season. What’s more, we show you a cheap but unique way to make the most of these cards by hanging them Pinnacle style using some jack chain and our magnetic hooks.

Over the Christmas period, we receive lots of cards from our friends and family and most of the time they get tucked away in a drawer or pile up on the kitchen table or a side table somewhere only to be forgotten. Why not display them during the holidays to add a little extra Christmas cheer and have all the lovely messages from your loved ones on display. You could even hang up lights, decorations and stockings to really make it a featured display in your space.

Using only our Pinnacle Jack Chain and some hooks, this set up is super quick and easy to do but looks great with all the Christmas cards hanging from them.

Level of Difficulty:

Project Duration:
30 Minutes

Music album to listen along to (COMPULSORY ????):
Christmas Songs by Sinatra, Frank Sinatra


Wall hooks (we used the Pinnacle 25mm Magnetic Hooks), Pinnacle 2.5mm Single Jack Chain, pegs or clips, pliers and your Christmas cards.

Step 1

Start by deciding where you want to hang and display your Christmas cards, then attach hooks to your wall or surface. We used the Pinnacle 25mm magnetic hooks to attach to the underside of some planters.

Step 2

Measure out how much chain you will need, and using pliers, unlink your required length. Your cards will add weight to the chain so make sure there isn’t too much slack between your hooks.

Step 3

Attach your chain to your hooks ensuring the spacing is even between hooks.

Step 4

Finally, attach your Christmas cards to the chain using pegs or clips.

All your cards will now add a little extra festive cheer to your space and is a great way to see all the lovely messages you’ve been sent!

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