When the temperature begins to drop it’s not just us humans that can benefit from a little extra warmth and comfort. Our furry and feathered friends can also feel the cold at times and having a trick or two up your sleeve to help take the edge off the cold can often come in handy.

Of course, there are all kinds of ways to help your pet keep warm these days from insulated pet houses and electric heating pads and beds to hot water bottles and store bought heat packs. However, if you’re in a jam or you need a quick fix why not try this DIY microwavable heat pack for pets made from everyday items you’re bound to have at home.

CAUTION: Please read instructions carefully to avoid harm to both yourself and your pet.

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This DIY microwavable heat pack for pets is made from two simple materials that most of us have readily available at home. To put it together, all you’ll need is an old sock that doesn’t have any holes in it (the thicker the better) and a 1kg bag of rice.


1 x SOCK
The longer the better to make it easier to tie the knot in the end and to give the best coverage where needed. Consider the size of your pet when choosing the type and size of sock. We’ve found old footy socks are really good for this.

1 x 1kg BAG OF RICE
Everyday white long grain rice will work fine but we’ve also found arborio rice works really well. Either way, the bigger the grain the better to help prevent rice from leaking out the end. 

Step 1


The first thing to do is to fill the sock with rice leaving enough room at the end to tie a tight knot to stop any rice from leaking out. One of the easiest ways to fill the sock is either with a funnel or by wrapping the sock over the rim of a large glass tumbler or vase like a bin liner and filling it that way. After filling the sock, tie a tight knot to seal off the sock.

Step 2


CAUTION: Please read instructions carefully to avoid harm to both yourself and your pet. Always thoroughly test the temperature of the pack first before putting in your pets bed or in their cage or home.

  • Now the sock is filled with rice and sealed off with a tight knot, it’s time to heat it in the microwave.
  • The amount of time needed to heat the sock just right is going to involve some trial and error and will depend on the type of microwave you have, the size of the sock and the amount of rice.
  • To heat the pack, start by doing it in 15-30 sec increments up to about 90 seconds, testing the heat level each time by first giving the rice a good shake around to redistribute the rice (and hopefully avoid any hot spots) and then holding the pack in your hands for at least 30 seconds as the heat builds to gauge whether it is suitable.
  • If it is too hot to hold in your hands it may need a minute to cool before testing the temperature again. Alternatively, you could wrap it in another sock, an old cloth or towel or put it underneath a blanket and test the temperature again for 30 seconds.
  • For our pack we used a men’s 11-14 footy sock with approximately 500-600g of rice and heated it on high in the microwave for 90 seconds (1 min 30 sec) then shook the rice around and tested in our hands.
  • This heat pack can also be hung from the inside of a cage for animals to gather around if that better suits.
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