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Creating a fun kid’s space at home

Are you running out of ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained at home? Or, perhaps you wish you had just a little more space indoors for the kids to play.

Well, maybe we can help. Here you’ll find a couple of simple ideas using products from our storage range to create a fun play area or home-schooling space using part of your garage or rumpus room.

Best of all, these DIY projects are easily customisable to suit any space or need and, once completed, will hopefully result in some much-needed peace and quiet for you while the kids enjoy hours of fun.



If you have decided to convert your garage, a great idea would be first to lay down some marine carpet. This will help keep the cold out as well as provide a safer and more comfortable environment for kids.

Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint is also a great idea to brighten up the space and even add a pop of colour.

Carpet, paint and other materials required can be found at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

Garage1 Empty 2048x1367 1


If you’ve chosen to follow our example, you can now go about filling the shelves with your kids’ toys, books, arts and crafts items and sports equipment.

We used plastic containers underneath our bench to keep sports equipment organised and to stop balls from rolling off the shelves.

Our pegboardpegboard hooks and magnets are perfect for holding kids’ arts and crafts and displaying their artwork.

DSC4680 scaled 2


We organised larger or less used items in plastic containers and stored them on another shelf.

We’ve also used a smaller industrial bench, which is perfect for keeping your shoes easily accessible and tidy.

slimline cabinet near the entry to the house can also store items like torches, first aid kits and other emergency items, while our magnetic hooks attached underneath mean you’ll never have to go looking through the house for your keys again – just grab them and go



If you don’t have the room for the above kind of setup or you’re just looking for something a bit simpler as a craft area or homeschooling setup, our range of pegboards is perfect.

We’ve simply used two of our pegboards mounted to the wall with a small trestle table placed in front to create a neat little space for the kids. Add to this, various pegboard hooks and magnets from our range and you can customise and organise the space to your kids’ liking and needs.

Home Schooling 1


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