You can buy some amazing decorations from stores these days. And with the ease and popularity of online shopping you can even conveniently buy decorations handmade by someone else. But there’s nothing quite like making things yourself. Not only do you get to decide exactly how you want something to look but you also get the experience and the memories from making it. What’s more, handmade decorations don’t have to be difficult or complex and they are always a great way to spend time with family and loved ones creating memorable moments. And let’s face it, it can be quite a cost-effective and unique way to decorate your tree.

These timber and string ornaments are simple but looking amazing when finished. With just a few materials they are sure to get the whole family enjoying some hands-on fun!

Level of Difficulty:

Project Duration:
1 Hour

Music album to listen along to (COMPULSORY ????):
A Legendary Christmas – John Legend


Pinnacle Hardware Timber screws, Drill, Drill bit, PH1 Screwdriver, Log of wood, Thread/string, Chainsaw/hand saw, paper, pen, scissors and masking tape.

Step 1

You’ll need some old logs of wood for this project. Preferably they’d be close to a perfect circle in shape, but you may want them to have a less than perfect, more organic shape. Start by cutting up the log into 50mm pieces using a chainsaw or hand saw. You may want to sand down both sides to give the pieces a nice smooth surface.

Step 2

Draw the shapes you want to create on paper first and cut them out. Temporarily attach them to your timber piece with some masking tape. Pre-drill holes at every corner or point of your shape using an electric drill. Then, drill a final pilot hole in the top of the timber piece.

Step 3

Remove the paper cutout and, using a screwdriver, screw in the timber screws about a quarter of the way in, including a screw at the top to tie some ribbon to so you can hang the ornament on your Christmas tree.

Step 4

Now, starting at one screw, tie your wool or string to the screw and then begin to wind the wool or string around the other nails, making sure you reach each screw at least once. Have fun creating different patterns and shapes, there’s no right way to do it, just have fun! Finally, tie some ribbon in a knot around the screw at the top of your ornament, tying another knot at the top ends of the ribbon to form a loop so you can hang your new ornaments on your tree or a hook.

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