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Build your own wardrobe storage

When it comes to home storage, it’s all about how you use the space you have. One of the more challenging spaces to organise in the home can be your wardrobe. We buy new clothes, shoes, and accessories all the time. So your wardrobe space needs to be versatile with shelving and easy to adjust.

So where do you start? It’s best to begin with what you have. Look at the dimensions of your bedroom. Do you already have a built-in wardrobe space? If not, you’ll need to consider how much space your new wardrobe will take up. Do you share your wardrobe with someone else? It’s questions like these you need to ask yourself before you start building your wardrobe space.

You could go for a permanent option like a built-in wardrobe, but these designs usually lack versatility, aren’t always easy to adjust and often expensive. You’re limited to a certain amount of shelving storage space, and once they’re in, it’s hard to change them unless they’re built to be adjustable. If you want more flexibility, think about wardrobe designs that provide features like adjustable shelving and hanging storage spaces.


When you’re ready to build a wardrobe, it’s time to start planning. Never go out and buy materials until you know what you’re trying to achieve. One of the first things you need to do is take an inventory of all your clothing and accessories and establish what types of items you want to dedicate this space to. You may have more pairs of shoes than jeans. So think about having more shoe storage spaces in your wardrobe design. If you’re a passionate sneakerhead, maybe you want a whole wardrobe shelving space dedicated to showcasing your shoes. If you’re proud of your handbag collection, then why not create a beautiful display for them?

When you’ve decided on what sections to create in your wardrobe, it’s time to think of how you’ll build them and what materials you will need. Floating shelves can help you take advantage of vertical space higher up and is great for storing away items that are used less often.

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An easy trick for designing your wardrobe is to start with hanging storage space. Work out how much storage space you need for items like shirts, jeans, jackets, and dressed. Hanging storage often takes up the most space in a wardrobe. So think about building around these hanging storage spaces when you include other sections like drawers and shelving.

Another great way to take advantage of the space you have is to group clothing items of similar sizes together. For example, if you hang skirts in the same spot as long dresses you’re still wasting the space underneath the skirts. The same can be said for when you’re hanging jackets with longer coats. Always try and dedicate your hanging storage to the items you have the most of.

It’s also a good idea to think of how often you’ll access certain items of clothing. Formalwear like suits and long dresses can be stowed away in storage areas you don’t need to access all the time. Think of your daily essentials like sweaters, shirts and blouses you put on rotation for work. These are the items you’ll need easy access to on a regular basis.

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Our Urban Series Wardrobe Storage Systems have been designed to offer more flexibility for closet storage. They’re easy to assemble and stack together so you can make the most of your wardrobe storage space. Smooth drawer runners provide easy access to your clothing items and accessories.

With their matte black finish, our Urban Series Wardrobe Systems can pair effortlessly with any contemporary interior look, so you don’t need to have them hiding away in your built-in wardrobe. You can have them on display in your bedroom or studio apartment setup and act as a feature in your space.

Our Mobile Wardrobe Systems can be used to make a free-standing wardrobe in small bedrooms and studio apartment spaces. These models come with their own castor wheels, which makes it easy to reposition them. Their adjustable shelving also makes it incredibly easy to create the perfect hanging space or overhead storage space.

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