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Build your home office with Pinnacle Hardware

Now more than ever, people with office jobs have the option to work from home. That’s why it’s never been more important to have a home office space. It can be challenging to find that extra space in your home. Not everyone has a study desk they can share with the whole family. What if you need a quiet place to have a work meeting? We’ve seen plenty of creative ways people have built their own little home office spaces. Sometimes all you need is a little alcove in the house where you can set up a desk. Other times the solution needs to be a bit more sophisticated.

With the need for a customised home office space, it’s hard to find the right furniture. Sometimes the best solution is to build your own office space. Taking a DIY approach enables you to adjust and design everything to your personal preferences. You could assemble a desk with just the right amount of storage space. You could even make sure everything is placed and designed to suit your height. With an office space built to your measurements, it becomes a healthier option that won’t harm your posture.

To keep you inspired, we’re sharing with you our favourite home office ideas. We’ve seen plenty of great home office solutions that have been built using Pinnacle Hardware products. Read on, and you’ll discover how our workbenches, pegboards and cabinets can be used to build your very own home office setup.


One of our favourite picks is our humble Timber Top Work Bench. We’ve seen it used many times as a home office desk. And why not? It’s sturdy, easy to assemble and strong enough to hold up to 500kg. What’s really helpful about this model is the options you have to customise it. There’s plenty of spare room underneath this workbench to slide in a set of draws or file organisers.

When it comes to choosing office furniture, looks aren’t everything. But it definitely helps to have furniture that doesn’t look too out of place. We think the smooth timber benchtop and matte black frame will pair well with any industrial or contemporary home style. Check out a few examples we have below and see for yourself.

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Next up, we’d like to draw your attention to this ingenious idea for a desk backboard. Just like a desk in the office, it can become really handy to have a backboard for storing office equipment. When a desk backboard has peg holes, it’s easier to customise your desk’s storage space. You can hang up all sorts of office equipment, from your calendar to your pens and pencils. Best of all, you can put these items wherever you like, and you can adjust their position whenever you change your mind.

To build your own desk backboard at home you can use our very own metal pegboard. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. This design comes with horizontal and vertical mounting holes. So it’s easy to adjust for high storage space or one that runs along the entire width of your desk instead. Check out the example below to see how easy it is to customise the entire backboard of your home office desk.

We’ve also noticed how well our pegboards can be used for other types of workstations around the house. Instead of building a home office, you could use one of our pegboards to create a craft station. With a pegboard up on the wall, you could hang up your sewing or gift-wrapping supplies for easy access.

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arts craft pegboard setup
keys single door pegboard setup


The last idea we wanted to share with you is creating your own storage below the desk. When you look at the storage draws in your office, you’ll notice a few things. They usually have a solid construction, and they’re easy to move around. You’ll also find that they often come in one solid colour to match other office furniture. It’s for these reasons that we think our range of metal cabinets is perfect for your home office setup.

You’ll find many of our Metal Cabinets have their own wheels installed. This feature makes them very easy to move around the house and reposition under your desk. No back-breaking work is required here. If security is a concern, you can rest assured that many of these cabinets come with lockable drawers. These drawers can be unlocked with a key. They can be a safe and secure place to store valuables like your laptop and other pricey gadgets.

View our entire range of Metal Cabinets on display at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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We understand not everyone is crazy about setting up a home office. Some of you are passionate gamers, podcasters, vloggers and musicians. When it comes to creating new content, you need a private little studio space you can call your own. When space is scarce, you have to make do with what you have. So don’t be afraid to incorporate elements of your home like the wall when you set up a desk for a little recording or sound mixing studio.

In the example below, you’ll see how our pegboards and workbenches can be used to assemble an editing studio or gaming station. Pegboards are installed on the wall to eliminate clutter from the workbench. The clever addition of soundproofing panels on the walls helps to ensure that you can play games or edit music without disturbing anyone else in the house with excess sound pollution.

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