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Sometimes the average fastening solution just won’t cut it for a DIY project. Specialty Fasteners like Cap Screws, Rivets, and Couplers give you more flexibility for a building project in Australia or New Zealand. In the Pinnacle range of specialty fasteners, you’ll find plenty of unique hardware solutions.


Your standard hex screws and fasteners won’t always get the job done. Sometimes a building project requires a more unique fastening solution like a rivet. Our Bifurcated Rivets can be used to pierce soft materials like leather, thin metal, and wood. Their split prongs keep them set in place so there’s no rolling back on the material.

Need to install some wires on your next building project? Our range of Wiring Grommets is perfect for protecting wires from frequent impact and friction. For any wiring holes that need to be sealed up, we also have blanking grommets. These are perfect for installing on car wings, tailgates, and car panels in Australia and New Zealand. 

When you can’t find the perfect-sized stud, there are ways around it. Our Hex Couplers are perfect for connecting two male threaded objects together. So when you need to create an extra-long stud from shorter-length studs, installing Hex Couplers will be one of your best solutions.

Pinnacle Cap Screws are another essential for any garage toolbox. These screws are typically used in assemblies that don’t provide sufficient clearance for a conventional wrench or socket. All of these specialty fasteners are available at Bunnings Warehouse stores in Australia and New Zealand.