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The locks on your doors and storage units are great security solutions but what’s keeping them together? Every great lock needs a solid fastening option to keep it in place. Installing security screws and bolts is the perfect way to improve your locks and upgrade security for your valuables. Trust Pinnacle to provide secure fasteners in Australia and New Zealand.



The Pinnacle range of security screws and security bolts can be used in many ways to upgrade your home security in Australia or New Zealand. Pinnacle security bolts can be used for indoor and outdoor security items such as the grills you install on air conditioners and heater vents. This range also includes specially designed bolts and screws that can be installed on your number plate to prevent would-be thieves from taking them.

Our security bolts provide an extra layer of security thanks to their tamper-proof Torx® system. This system works by having a unique screw head pattern that can’t be unscrewed using traditional screw drive types. So anyone with a slot drive or Phillips head screwdriver wouldn’t be able to remove your newly installed security bolts. Our unique security bolts and security screws come with a Torx® driver bit which enables you to install and remove them yourself.

No matter where your new security bolts and security screws are installed, you can rest assured they’re strong enough to handle an immense amount of pressure. Many of the screws and bolts in this range are made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion. You can shop the entire range of Pinnacle security products at Bunnings Warehouse stores in Australia and New Zealand.