You might think that you need to invest a lot of money to install storage in your garage that will make a big difference to your lifestyle, but that simply isn’t true. In this storage guide for any budget, we suggest products that will revolutionise your experience of DIY projects, from the small and straightforward to the more comprehensive and complex. You can banish clutter and reorganise your garage with our products, no matter your budget.

If you’ve been meaning to declutter your garage, now is the time to put those good intentions to work. Our storage guide will give you great ideas on having a place for everything and everything in its place for good this time. Our products are designed to keep your garage or shed tidy, with tools easily accessible for those weekend DIYs, auto projects, or other handyman jobs.


Budget $500

The Essential Garage Setup

Even on a limited budget, you can still get the best of our shelving range with our Heavy Duty Premium Adjustable Shelf. It’s a robust unit that can carry up to 800kg per shelf. The red bracing delivers extra strength, so you know this shelf will be perfect for any extra heavy items such as weights or power tools. A small accessory that packs a punch is our Heavy Duty 10 Compartment Organiser. Our organiser helps you keep everything within easy reach. Your nuts, bolts, and screws will never be in a mess.

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Budget $1500

Bring It To The Next Level

The Pinnacle Pro Series Garage Storage range offers some of the most flexible arrangements possible, with over 70 permutations. You can truly customise your garage space. You can start today for just over $1500 with the Pro Series Single Door Storage Station, including a convenient benchtop, and the Pro Series 2 Door Metal Cabinet for all your long garden tools and sporting accessories.

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Budget $3000

The Ultimate Garage Storage Program

With a larger budget, you can make full use of the multifunctionality of our Pro Series Garage Storage program, with options such as the 1 Drawer & 2 Door Storage Station or, if you need more drawer space, the 2 Drawer & 2 Door Storage Station. Add in the 2 Door Storage Station for extra room for all your tools and accessories, and lengthen your workspace with our handy 2.4m Timber Benchtop Extension, perfect for DIY projects. These products really are the top of the range when it comes to garage storage, providing everything you need to have a tidy shed or garage.

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Budget $6000

Budget $6000 Premium Tool Storage For Pros

You can’t go past our Pro Series 73” 20 Drawer Tool Trolley for the professional mechanic or DIYer who has every tool known to man. With a double-wall steel construction and 900kg suspension castors, you know that the Pro Series 73” 20 Drawer Tool Trolley will be able to handle anything you care to throw at it. With a power charging drawer, a power tool drawer with adjustable tool holsters, and an advanced locking system, this robust unit has everything to keep your tools safe, secure, and in perfect working condition.

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