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How to store your power tools and heavy equipment

The right storage choices are essential to ensure your equipment stays in the best possible condition. Replacing tools is expensive and should only be done when the original tool becomes faulty or worn out. But heavy duty tool storage can help prevent damage to your tools and keep them secure on your property. At Pinnacle Hardware, we have purposefully designed heavy duty tool storage options for your convenience. Here are some power tool storage ideas to get you started.

Before you store your equipment

Tool storage is only half the battle. You also need to keep your tools well-maintained. Here are some tips for good tool maintenance.

  • Clean your tools after every use.
  • Check the condition of your tools regularly.
  • Get rid of damaged or faulty tools.
  • Check the batteries.
  • Add lubrication to your tools.
  • Remove rust promptly.

When you follow these guidelines, you will have better luck keeping your tools clean and fully functional. Now let’s discuss how to store them.

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Equipment and power tool storage ideas

One of the easiest ways to store power tools is to keep the original cases they come in when you buy them. They often have internal supports that keep odd-shaped tools safe and secure in a protective casing. This can be a good starting point for keeping your tools in good condition.

But what if you threw out the packaging after you got a new tool? Here are a few power tool storage ideas to get you thinking about rearranging your garage.


Pegboards are a storage solution that just keeps giving. The pegboard we provide at Pinnacle Hardware is compatible with all kinds of hooks and accessories, allowing you to hang up your tools while keeping them within arm’s reach when you’re in the middle of a DIY project.

Heavy duty shelves

One of the simplest power tool storage systems is a set of heavy duty shelves, capable of carrying weights up to 625kg per shelf. You can put each item on the shelf so that it is freestanding, or you can use your shelves with plastic containers to keep similar items together.

Heavy duty storage station

When you need a combination of heavy duty tool storage options, choose our heavy duty storage station that mixes a workbench with pegboard and shelving. It’s got bracing for extra strength and a 500kg capacity benchtop, so it can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

Lockable cabinets

When you want power tool storage that ensures the security of your equipment, then you can’t go past lockable cabinets. Our metal cabinet model has adjustable shelves and even some power entry points, so you can charge your tools while they are kept safe and secure. It is also key-lockable, which keeps small or fast hands out of your equipment.

Tool trolley

Our Pro Series 73” 20 Drawer Tool Trolley is the Porsche of heavy duty tool storage solutions, offering plenty of room for every tool. Also, it has internal and external charging docks, including 240v sockets and USB ports. You can charge your tools to your heart’s content, and they will always be ready to go. The heavy duty drawers and castors mean this tool trolley will stand the test of time.

Trust Pinnacle for heavy duty tool storage you can count on

At Pinnacle Hardware, we built our storage solutions tough, so you know your tools are in good hands. For your convenience, we include essential features such as charging points on tool trolleys, bracing on shelves and a trendy powder-coated finish. Your tool storage can do the job while looking great too.

See our full range of garage storage solutions online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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