How to reset code for DSS003


In this video we show you how to get your new Ikonic DSS003 Digital Lock ready for installation.

  • Total Time : 10 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner

Step 1

Watch our video, or follow the steps below!

Step 2

Using a Phillips-head screwdriver loosen the screw at the back of each handle, adjust the handle to a horizontal position and retighten the screw.

Step 3

Your digital lock comes pre-set with a code. The code card in the packaging tells you the numbers of this code. Match the numbers on the card with the numbers on the back of your digital lock.

Step 4

You’ll notice the indicator dots for the pre-set code are all facing inwards. To clear this code, use a flat-head screwdriver to depress and turn the relevant screw-buttons 180 degrees so they all face outwards.

Step 5

Choose a new code and depress and turn the screw buttons for each number of your new code 180 degrees so the dot is facing inwards.

Step 6

Now, test the handle locks with the code in place and opens when the new code is entered. Handy tip: Always push the C button first before entering your code. And that’s it.

Step 7

Download the instructions here:

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