How to install an ikonic™ entrance lever


On today’s How To project we’re going to show you how to install a new entrance lever to bring a modern look to your home. We’ve chosen a matte black slimline lever from the Ikonic™ door furniture range to install onto this new back door.

  • Total Time : 60 Minutes
  • Tools Used : Safety glasses, Drill driver, 2mm Bit, 25mm Spade bit, 55mm Hole saw, PH2 Screwdriver, Pencil, Installation template, Measuring tape, Chisel, Hammer, Set square, Sand paper
  • Difficulty Level : Intermediate

Step 1

Watch our video!

Step 2

Tools required: • Safety glasses • Drill driver • 2mm Bit • 25mm Spade bit • 55mm Hole saw • PH2 Screwdriver • Pencil • Installation template • Measuring tape • Chisel • Hammer • Set square • Sand paper

Step 3

Measure the height of your lever. There are a couple of ways you can decide on your height; you can base it off the other height of your knobs and levers in your house or you can go with the Australian standard of not lower than 900mm and not higher than 1100mm off the floor. We installed this lever at 1000mm off the floor.

Step 4

Now use the provided template from the instructions to mark where to drill your holes. Mark holes in the front and the back of your door.

Step 5

A good tip here to help keep your door steady is to use a couple of winbags available from your local Bunnings or some wedges on either side. Using a drill and a 2mm bit, drill your pilot holes to make drilling the larger holes easier and more accurate.

Step 6

Now use your 54mm hole saw to drill the hole for the lever. To avoid splintering the timber, drill halfway through the door from the front and finish the hole from the back.

Step 7

Insert the latch into the hole and mark around the face plate. Now remove the latch.

Step 8

Use a chisel and a hammer to recess 3mm into the wood in the marked area so the plate sits flush when installed.

Step 9

Reinsert the latch and drill 2 pilot holes before fixing it to the door with the provided Philips head screws.

Step 10

Now insert both sides of the lever. Make sure it engages the latch and that the key hole and the lever is facing out. Fix the lever from the inside with the provided screws and check that the lever and the lock are both working.

Step 11

With the door closed, make a mark on the door frame in the centre of the barrel as a guide for where to install the striker plate.

Step 12

Now using the centre hole you’ve marked, drill a pilot hole. Using the 25mm spade bit, drill a hole in the door frame for the striker plate to fit into.

Step 13

Now, attach the striker plate and use a pencil to mark around the edge. Use a hammer and a chisel to create a recess so the plate can sit flush with the door frame.

Step 14

Hold the plate against the frame, and drill pilot holes for the screws with 2mm drill bit. Now attach the striker plate with the provided screws.

Step 15

Finally check the door opens and closes properly. And there you have it! A brand new modern entrance lever on your new door.

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