How to install a hinge on a new door


In today’s How To project we’re going to show you how to install hinges on a new door to bring a modern look to your home. We’re using fixed pin hinges from the Pinnacle Hardware butt hinge range. A fixed pin is perfect for an exterior door giving us the security that we need, and the matte black finish will give us a nice contemporary look.

  • Tools Used : Saftey glasses, Drill driver, 2mm bit, PH2 bit, 2x 3mm spacer, 2x Winbag, 2x sawhorse, hammer, chisel, sandpaper (180 gritt), and a Pencil
  • Difficulty Level : Intermediate

Step 1

Watch our video!

Step 2

Once you have removed the old door, position the new one in the jamb using some spacers and a couple of winbags or a friend to hold the door steady. Mark the previous hinge locations on the new door.

Step 3

Now, place your door on a couple of saw horses. We’ve used a couple of CraftRight saw horses from Bunnings. Position the hinges and trace around the edges.

Step 4

Using a hammer and chisel, rebate the marked areas so the hinge fits flush. When you are happy with the depth of your recess, use sandpaper for a better finish before fixing the hinges.

Step 5

Now, using a drill and a 2mm bit, drill pilot holes to make fixing the hinges with the provided screws easier. Then, bring the door inside and position it in the jamb. We recommend using two winbags to help raise your door to the correct position.

Step 6

Before fixing all four screw holes on each hinge we recommend fixing one screw through the top hinge and one through the bottom to ensure the door functions as intended. Once you’re happy, fix the remaining screws. Finally, check your door open and closes properly.

Step 7

There you have it! A brand new door with striking black hinges to match for a modern update to a once tired looking door.

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