How to assemble an XL mobile storage unit


In this How-To video we will be showing you how to assemble one of our XL Mobile Storage Unit’s. This unit is the perfect solution for storage around your home, garage and shed. Lockable with an adjustable shelf it provides versatile storage for items large and small and particularly those you may need to store safely. It comes in an easy to build, kit form, ready to assemble with all the parts you need.

  • Total Time : 90 Minutes
  • Tools Used : Safety glasses, Drill driver, PH2 Phillips bit, Hammer, Mallet and a Stanley Knife.
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner-Intermediate

Step 1

Download the instructions here.

Step 2

Watch our video, or follow the steps below!

Step 3

Tools Required: • Safety Glasses • Drill • PH2 drill bit • Hammer • Mallet • Stanley Knife • A second person is highly recommended to help with assembly

Step 4

Start your assembly with the bottom panel (Part F). With the raised lip at the front, turn the bottom panel upside down and install the four castors. Install the 2 castors with locks at the front (with the locking lever facing the front) and the other two castors at the back using the provided screws. Now turn the base over and lock the front castors to keep the base steady for the rest of the assembly.

Step 5

Insert the side panels and push down until the two tabs on the bottom bracket lock in. Make sure the side panels are facing the right way. Fix each panel in place using the provided screws. Now, slide the back panel into place as shown giving it a light tap at the top on both sides to ensure each of the tabs lock into place on the bottom brackets. Make sure the locking channel is inserted correctly as shown. Fix the back and side panels together using the provided screws. Insert the middle panel, giving it a light tap to make sure it is in position and fix it to the back panel using the provide screws. Lay the unit down and fix the middle panel to the base using the provided screws.

Step 6

Stand the unit up again and install the wiring grommet and the shelf supports on the cabinet side of the unit and insert the shelf. Now, place the top panel in position, lightly tapping around the edges with a mallet to make sure it’s sitting correctly and fix the panel with the provided screws. Insert the anti-slip top liner with plastic on for now and use as a bench top to finish the assembly.

Step 7

Now it’s time to install the locking mechanism. Install the locking tongue by inserting one end into the top slot in the locking channel and connecting the other end to the lock. Insert the key and make sure the mechanism functions correctly. Now attach the locking plate to the inside part of the lock and tap lightly into place using a hammer. Retest the locking mechanism.

Step 8

Now let’s assemble the drawers. Start by fixing the back and right side panels together using the provided screws. Then attach the left side panel. Now insert the base panel as shown and fix using the provided screws. Attach the front panel of the drawer by sliding in as shown, fix using the provided screws. If you are having trouble lining up the screw holes on your drawers, get a second person to push the sides together to line up the holes. Attach white screw caps where necessary on the inside of the drawer and insert the drawer liner. Follow the same steps for the other drawers. Drawers should be assembled with the screws visible on the outside of the drawer. To insert the drawers, ensure that both runners are lined up straight and level and push drawers in. Do not force the drawers in.

Step 9

To install the cabinet doors, insert the bottom hinge pin and position the bottom of door on the pin before inserting the top spring hinge in place. Do the same for the other door.

Step 10

If you need to remove any of the drawers, simply pull the drawer out and then use the handles on both sides (right side lifts up and lefts pushes down) to release the tracks from the runners and the drawer will then slide right out.

Step 11

And thats it!

Step 12

Download the assembly instructions.

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