How to assemble a heavy duty storage station


In this How To video, we show you how to assemble a Pinnacle Hardware Heavy Duty Storage Station.

  • Total Time : 30 Minutes
  • Tools Used : Rubber mallet, Phillips-head screwdriver, Adjustable spanner, Drill and 3mm Drill bit
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner-Intermediate

Step 1

Download the assembly instructions

Step 2

Or, watch our video!

Step 3

Before you begin assembling your storage station, lay out all the parts in groups to make assembly easier and quicker.

Step 4

Begin by attaching the rubber feet to the bottom ends of the legs.

Step 5

Assemble the bottom shelf by slotting the beams into the keyhole and gently tapping with a rubber mallet to lock them in. Now, slot the braces into the bottom shelf.

Step 6

Place the wire shelf into the brackets to finish the bottom shelf.

Step 7

Repeat steps to assemble the second shelf at your required height.

Step 8

To assemble the benchtop, slot beams into the keyhole and gently tapping them with a rubber mallet to lock them in. Please note that these beams need to be placed in the 25th and 26th keyholes from the bottom.

Step 9

Place the timber benchtop on the shelf.

Step 10

Slot both pegboards into the keyholes above the benchtop and secure in the middle using the provided screws.

Step 11

Then, slot in the top beams and lightly tap in place before placing the braces on.

Step 12

Finally lay the wire shelf on to complete your storage station.

Step 13

The Pinnacle storage station is perfect for the warehouse, office or garage, get organised with this tough, durable and multi-purpose workstation.

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