How to assemble a heavy duty shelving unit


This video shows how quick and easy it is to assemble one of our 4 tier heavy duty shelving units. They are the perfect solution for storage around your home, garage and shed.

  • Total Time : 30 Minutes
  • Tools Used : Rubber mallet
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner

Step 1

Download the assembly instructions

Step 2

Or, watch the video!

Step 3

Before putting your shelving unit together, start by organising the parts in to groups to make assembly quicker and easier.

Step 4

Begin by attaching the rubber feet.

Step 5

Assemble the bottom shelf by slotting the beams into the keyhole and gently tapping with a rubber mallet to lock them in.

Step 6

Continue by adding the middle shelf beams and lock them into place. This will help steady the uprights.

Step 7

Add the top shelf beams, then add the remaining shelves in at your required heights.

Step 8

Finally, make sure you add the cross bracing to each shelf.

Step 9

Finish with the heavy duty wire shelves and ensure your unit is on a flat, solid surface for maximum loading and safety.

Step 10

This 4 tier shelving unit is part of our heavy duty series storage range, which fully integrates shelving, workbenches and mobile storage cabinets to create a total storage solution.

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