GOS145 Pallet Unloading Instructions

Pro Series 73” 21 Drawer Tool Trolley

  • Tools Used : Philips head screwdriver or drill. You will require two people.

Step 1

Remove top and outer packaging.

Step 2

Unlock the drawers and grab the box of handles out. Fix handles to each end of the trolley with the provided M8 bolts and tighten securely.

Step 3

Open the bottom drawer, remove the ramp and lock all drawers. Place the ramp flush against the end of the pallet as shown in the diagram below.

Step 4

Remove the 3 rails highlighted below with a screwdriver or drill. Please note: Do not remove the 4th rail on the other end of the pallet.

Step 5

Unlock the castors and with the help of a second person, carefully push and guide the trolley off the pallet and down the ramp.

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