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What to look for when buying a pet enclosure

Every pet has its own special needs when it comes to food and shelter. That’s why it’s so important to find the right fit when it comes to pet enclosures. Animals also need a space where they can enjoy a bit of peace and tranquillity. When you start searching for pet enclosures, you’ll find many options available. It can start to get confusing when you see the different materials and features they come with. That’s why it’s best to start narrowing down your search based on the type of pet you have.

Here we’ll focus on pet enclosures for your furry and feathered pets. We’re talking about rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens. These pets tend to have similar sizes and shelter requirements when it comes to pet enclosures.

When it comes to the materials of your pet enclosure, consider looking for timber options. Timber pet enclosures tend to withstand extreme temperatures better than flimsy plastic options available today. You’ll see many pet enclosures also have metal wire for their exterior sections. Make sure these components are made from solid waterproof alloys such as galvanised steel.


At night time, when it gets cold, animals need a warm and safe place to sleep. They enjoy small, closed-in spaces where they can huddle together and share body warmth. For spaces like these, it’s ideal for filling them up with material to help your pets stay warm. An easy fix is filling up the sleeping quarters with hay or straw. These enclosed spaces are also referred to as hiding areas.

So while you’re looking around at pet enclosure designs, make sure you choose one that has a section for sleeping quarters. This space needs to be closed in and protected from the weather. But, like any section of a pet enclosure, it needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis. So look for pet enclosures that provide easy access to the sleeping quarters. Many designs today come with doors on the side or on the roof that make it easy to access sleeping quarters and clean any mess.

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If you choose to store your pet enclosure out in the open, then it needs to be weatherproof. A pet enclosure should be able to withstand harsh temperatures and heavy rainfall. It also needs to provide plenty of protection from the wind. Throughout the year, you may want to move the enclosure around. So think about how easy it is to relocate the enclosure when you need to. Rabbit owners love to move a pet enclosure around, so their pets get easy access to fresh grass.

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It may seem like a fairly obvious point to make, but the size of the pet enclosure has a big impact on the quality of your pet’s life. They need plenty of room for shelter and moving around. Installing your pet enclosure on the grass gives your pets plenty of access to fresh grass and bugs. The more space your pets have to move around in their enclosure, the healthier and happier they tend to be.

While you’re picking out the size of your pet enclosure, don’t forget to consider how many pets you’ll have in it. Pets need a certain amount of space for themselves. So the more pets you have, the more space in an enclosure you’ll need. It’s not just about having the space to fit. Pets like guinea pigs and rabbits need space to thrive and live a healthy life.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new pet enclosure, we highly recommend that you head to your local Bunnings Warehouse. Among the top pet brands there, you’ll find the full range of Pinnacle Hardware pet enclosures. When it comes to the design and manufacturing of our pet enclosures, we make shelter and comfort a top priority.

Our pet enclosures are spacious and provide plenty of shelter from the elements. Enclosures like “The Loft” come with a waterproof roof and a raised floor. Like many of our other enclosures. it also features a hinged door that provides easy access for cleaning the sleeping quarters. So for a healthy and happy pet, choose a spacious and weatherproof pet enclosure that will keep them safe and comfortable all year round.

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