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What are specialty fasteners?

In a previous article, we took an extensive look at stainless steel fasteners, their grades and various applications. These standard fasteners are highly versatile and are commonplace in most DIY and industrial projects, but some projects require specialty fasteners to put together. These come in varied shapes and sizes from the regular stainless steel type, and can be used both for complex applications and to add flexibility to your projects.

We give you a quick guide on all the products offered in the Pinnacle Hardware Specialty Fasteners range and what fastener suppliers recommend they are best suited for.


Cap screws are specialty fasteners commonly used to put together electronics and other machinery, because they are very easy to install and uninstall. Here at Pinnacle, our cap screws are the socket-head type with a recessed hexagonal hole, which uses an Allen key to fit into a threaded or tapped hole. The high clamping force generated when a cap screw is tightened helps it hold components together securely for a long time.

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Within the Pinnacle range of clips and rings, you’ll find numerous handy specialty fasteners for use in automobiles and other heavy-duty applications. Our zinc-plated stainless steel R-clips are sturdy and pressure resistant, to secure the ends of axles and clevis pins. You’ll also find handy E-clips to minimise threading and grooving on screws, self-locking shaft rings, and trim clips to hold together body panels.

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The primary function of couplers is to extend the length of other fasteners, including threaded objects. They are very useful when you need to connect two male threaded objects together, like two hex screws or bolts, to make a longer stud. The full range of Pinnacle hex bolt couplers is made of stainless steel and comes in both zinc plated and galvanised finishes, for both a sleek look and a sturdy hold.

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Grommets are one of the most useful items stocked by fastener suppliers for use in electrical and electronics. They can be used to reinforce an existing hole or cavity for threading wires or cables through, protecting them from wear and tear. Our Pinnacle grommets are made from high-quality rubber for ideal insulation and anti-abrasiveness. We also stock blanking grommets to seal up any holes and protect your electronics from dust or leaks.

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Grub screws are a unique type of bolt that enable you to secure items together without the use of a nut. These specialty fasteners are typically used in very small fixtures either for aesthetic purposes or to prevent obstruction between metal surfaces rubbing together. Our selection includes both hex head and socket head grub screws made from strong and reliable stainless steel.

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If you’re assembling a DIY project that comes with pre-drilled holes, you’ll need a set of lynch pins from fastener suppliers to hold it together securely. They are self-locking and help prevent an object from sliding off a shaft or axle when threaded through the hole at a right angle, including in many automobiles. Our Pinnacle Hardware lynch pins are made of solid carbon steel plated with yellow zinc to withstand heavy loads and hold them in place.

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Within our variety of Pinnacle fasteners, you’ll find our nickel-plated bifurcated rivets, which are very useful for all types of projects big and small. Their two-pronged design can effectively pierce through materials like leather, thin metal, and soft wood, when installing them on harder surfaces. Once rolled back into the material, they can hold fast and resist corrosion and scratches.

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Our collection of specialty fasteners includes an assortment of push pins and upholstery nails in different colours, sizes, and styles. These are essential to every DIY enthusiast’s toolkit, particularly for both antique and modern furniture repair. We also stock a high-strength thread locker solution, for larger fasteners 9.5-25mm in size. It provides a permanent lock for any screws that may have loosened with time, protecting them from further shocks or abrasions.

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When your DIY project calls for complexity and extra stability, Pinnacle Hardware fastener suppliers have everything you need. Our wide selection of fasteners is made with the highest quality stainless steel that remains strong and reliable even after years of use. Sort through our website to find out more, or find our products at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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