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Transform your garage into a haven for work, rest, and play

If you think your garage is simply the space where you park your car, then you could be missing out on utilising your garage to its full potential. Many suburban garages are pretty large, and no doubt you could better use that space to create a more fulfilling life for yourself. Whether your goal is to get fitter and more active, to set up a tidier workspace, or if you just want somewhere private to chill out on the weekend, at Pinnacle, we’re here to help you transform your garage into a haven for your chosen activity. You can make the most of your garage space in many ways, and we hope these ideas will fire up your imagination.


Our range of products at Pinnacle Hardware can easily equip a garage for your line of work, whether you are a mechanic, carpenter, gardener, or another tradesperson. Our Pro Series Tool Storage range is the ultimate professional garage storage setup with a heavy duty construction and extensive storage space for all your tools.  Another popular option when decking out a garage for work is our Pro Series Garage Storage range. It brings garage storage solutions to a whole new level, with over 70 combinations of individual units so that you can fully customise your space, depending on the trade you are in and your specific needs. An old reliable when it comes to creating convenient spaces for work is our XL Timber Top Workbench. Pair it with a pegboard to keep often used tools well within easy grasp.

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While some people may not categorise exercise as fun, others can’t get enough of it! And if you are in the second category, you might have considered establishing a gym in your garage. You can save time by not having to travel to the gym. You can spend that extra time working out instead. It’s an ultimate convenience to have a gym in your garage, and here at Pinnacle, we make garage storage solutions that you can quickly adapt to storing gym equipment. Our pegboard is a clear winner for hanging up loose gym equipment like ropes and exercise bands. Similarly, you can’t go wrong with our shelving units, which can accommodate weights, yoga mats, boxing gloves and all your bulky gym essentials.

Now when it comes to fun, you can’t leave the kids out of it! Why not create a kid haven in a section of your garage where you store ball games, rollerblades, and toys? Our shelving will help. You can use our pegboard to clip up colouring books and hook up art supplies. They will love their newfound fun kiddie station, which will certainly get them out of your hair for a while.


There are a whole lot of different ways that people can rest. Some love to play video games in a comfy chair, while others might relax by working in the garden. If you’ve got a green thumb, you might like our Mobile Garden Station, which can either be used outdoors or easily moved into the garage if you prefer to do your potting indoors. For video game fanatics, our garage storage solutions are perfect for setting up an awesome man cave HQ. Try our Heavy Duty Compact Workbench which gives you plenty of wall space in its included pegboard for all your crucial game accessories.

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At Pinnacle, we make high-quality garage products with many uses. We have garage storage for every possible need so that you can enjoy a more relaxed, fulfilled lifestyle as you spend time with your family, catch up on rest and recreation, and maybe get a few DIYs done about the home.

See our full range of products on our website or in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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