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Top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer


While your dog always looks like they’re happy and comfortable, it’s not always the case. Especially when they have the scorching heat of an Aussie summer to contend with. Whether they’re at home or out for a walk, the heat can have a serious effect on your dog’s health and wellbeing. In this way, they’re not too similar to us. They need a little extra care to deal with the heat.

So when temperatures start to soar, take a moment to think about your pawed pal. There are many ways you can help your dog deal with the hot days ahead. A new routine, dog kennel or toys to play with may just do the trick. Here we’ll break down some of the best ways to protect and keep your dog comfortable. Follow these top tips to help your pooch out in the heat this summer.


It may seem obvious, but limiting your pup’s exposure to the sun is one of the best ways to protect them from it. There’s nothing wrong with taking your dog for a walk every day, but when temperatures rise, it’s a good idea to reduce their daily walking time. If you usually take your dog for a one-hour walk, think of reducing it down to something more bearable, like 30 minutes instead.

An easy alternative is to change the time you take your dog for a walk. Consider taking them out after dinner instead when the sun starts to set and the temperature drops. Another way to get your dog active on a hot day is to let them play inside your house where it’s cooler. If you have a big enough garage, you could even play games with them like fetch or tug of war to get them active but in the shade where they’re protected from the heat.

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It goes without saying that your dog should always have access to fresh drinking water at home. Throughout Summer your dog will feel the need to stay hydrated even more. They will be panting and losing a lot more fluid on those hot days. Excess exposure to this heat can cause dehydration and heat stress. With a fresh bowl of water close by they can continue to drink up, and replenish those lost fluids to maintain muscle function and get through the day.

So when you’re going for a walk somewhere like the beach or the park, make sure you bring a fresh supply of water for them. A travel dog bowl is a great little accessory you can take on walks along with a drink bottle. These bowls are easy to fold out and fill with water when your dog needs a quick top-up of fluids.

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You may be surprised to learn that even dogs can get sunburnt if they spend too long in the sun. Dogs with short, light-coloured fur and those without fur are most at risk of getting sunburnt. The most sensitive parts of their bodies, like the ears, nose, and tummy, get the most exposure to the sun and will likely get sun damage first.

You may think about reaching for the sunscreen, but be aware that sunscreen made for humans is not safe for dogs. They can contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Next time you’re at your local pet store, look out for dog-specific sunscreen. Follow the instructions on the label and re-apply as your dog needs to keep them protected from the sun all day long.

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There are many reasons to get a good dog kennel for your dog. A big one is being able to give them shelter from the elements, whether it’s the sun or the rain. Over summer, it’s paramount you provide your dog with a kennel that gives them shade. To make their dog kennel even cooler, consider placing it in an area of the backyard that gets a lot of shade. It may even be worth moving it under a pergola or decking if you have one.

What you put inside your dog’s kennel can also impact the internal temperature. If you have a thick dog bed that reflects their body heat, swap it out with a cooler option made with more breathable materials. Also, try removing any excess pillows and blankets from the kennel. This will help create more space and encourage air circulation to keep it cooler on those hot summer nights. Another great hack that dog owners have cottoned on to is buying larger dog kennels instead for all that extra room to move around in.

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Today we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to dog toys and accessories. There’s even some made specifically for summer to help them stay cool. A great first option is an inflatable dog pool. Your dog could enjoy countless hours jumping in and splashing about when the temperatures rise.

Today you’ll also find there’s plenty of chew toys designed to be frozen in the fridge before you take them out for your dog to play with. They come in all shapes and sizes, from rings to playful bone shapes. On hot days your dog will love chewing down on a toy that helps cool them down.

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If you’re ready to spoil your dog this summer then why not get them a new dog kennel? If they’ve outgrown their current dog kennel and need more space, then check out our latest range of large dog kennels today. They’re designed to provide all the shelter and comfort your doggo needs throughout the year.

Made with sturdy and weatherproof materials, our latest range of dog kennels are designed to keep your pooch comfy throughout the year, no matter what the weather conditions are. See them for yourself the next time you visit your local Bunnings Warehouse, where you can find the entire range of Pinnacle Hardware dog kennels proudly on display.

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