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Top 5 chicken breeds for backyard chicken coops


Having chickens in your backyard can be a very rewarding experience. Chooks can become a constant source of organic eggs for your family to enjoy. Let them roam free in your backyard, and they can also provide a great organic substitute for pest control and fertiliser in the garden.

But if you’re new to the idea of setting up a backyard chicken coop, we’ve got some news for you. Not all chickens are created equal. Over centuries chickens have been bred for specific purposes, and some perform better than others. Different chicken species have unique advantages when it comes to egg production and housing requirements.

Some chicken species can naturally produce more eggs than others. Some may be smaller and require less room to thrive in. It’s little differences like these that can make or break your experience in setting up a backyard chicken coop. By choosing the right chicken breed for your backyard setup, you can make the most of your experience setting up chicken coops.

To help you establish a thriving backyard chicken coop at home, we’re sharing with you the top 5 chicken breeds that chook enthusiasts in Australia recommend.


The Australorp was originally bred from a species called the British Black Orpington. Breeders aimed to make the chicken more productive for egg-laying in Australian conditions. Australorps are known for being great layers and can produce up to 300 light-brown eggs per year.

They are docile which makes them easy for any family member to look after. While these chooks are a little on the heavy side, they can still thrive and live happy lives in small backyard environments.

Yearly egg production approx 250-300 eggs
Weight range approx 3-4 kgs
Behaviour Docile
black hen img


If you have a young family then chances are you want chickens that don’t mind a bit of extra attention from the kids. Isa Brown is a great choice because it’s widely known for being affectionate. Isa Brown chickens can produce a whopping amount of 300-350 eggs per year. And you won’t have to wait long for them to start producing eggs. They can start laying in as little as 16 weeks of development.

Reaching a max growth weight of 5.8kg, these chickens will take up more space than your standard chicken varieties. The good news is these chickens are very low maintenance and easily adapt to all kinds of climates.

Yearly egg production approx 300-350 eggs
Weight range approx 4.5-5.8kgs
Behaviour Affectionate
brown hen img


As the name suggests, this breed of chicken is from the United Kingdom. These chickens are widely admired for their beautiful colouring along the neck and shoulders. Sussex chickens are another breed that can be considered family-friendly.

They are confident, curious, and friendly to chicken coop owners. These chooks can produce a generous maximum of 350 eggs over the course of a year. Give them a go if you’ve got a generous-sized backyard to raise them in.

Yearly egg production approx 200-350 eggs
Weight range approx 3-4kgs
Behaviour Curious and friendly
white hen img


We get it. Not everyone has boundless space to raise chickens in their backyard. That’s why we’re letting you know about these adorable little fluffballs called Silkie Bantams. They are a small breed of chicken that can make themselves very comfortable in small spaces. These characteristics often make them the perfect chook for a small urban backyard setting.

What these chooks lack in size and egg-laying ability, they make up for with loads of affection. They’re also just a beautiful breed to look at. Their fluffy plumage makes them extremely photogenic. We’re not saying to purchase this breed just for the gram, but it’s a plus, right?

Yearly egg production approx 100-120 eggs
Weight range approx 1.5-2kgs
Behaviour Affectionate and docile
hen chicken img


If you’re looking for a sturdy chicken breed that adapts well to small environments, then give the Orpington a go. They’re efficient egg producers, being able to lay a maximum of 200 eggs per year. They are also well known for being comfortable around adults and kids.

Orpingtons are also well known for their attractive plumage. Their soft and silky feathers often grow long enough to completely cover their own feet. It’s features like these that make the Orpington a popular pick as a show bird.

Yearly egg production approx 175-200 eggs
Weight range approx 3.2-4.8kgs
Behaviour Friendly and docile


The chicken breeds we showcased today are just a small drop in the ocean compared to what’s out there. With further research, you’ll discover that there are plenty of other chicken species that could feel right at home in your backyard. Once you’ve decided on the perfect chicken for your backyard, don’t forget to choose all the right equipment for keeping them safe and sheltered all year round.

Our latest range of chicken coops is designed to provide your chooks with all the essentials they need to thrive. Our backyard chicken coop designs come in a range of sizes, but they all prioritise features like waterproof roofing, raised floors, and a laying box where they can feel safe all year round.

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