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The ultimate guide to garage storage

There are so many garage storage options out there. When you want to turn your garage from a dumping ground into a functional space, it can be hard to know where to start. 

Our ultimate guide to garage storage takes you from mess to immaculate in no time at all. Here are all the quick tips and inspiration you need to begin your journey from chaos to cleanliness and order. You’ll also see how our products can help you get there.

Cleaning and decluttering

The very first thing you need to do is downsize and declutter all the items in your garage. Decide what you want to keep, sell, donate, or throw away.

Organising and putting things away will be much easier when you have fewer items to worry about. Once you know how to clean out your garage like a pro, you’re already halfway to having an orderly space. 

Making the most of vertical space

One of the more ingenious garage storage ideas is to get stuff off the ground. When your items are in piles on the floor, they can become hard to find and may even be a tripping hazard. Two ways of elevating objects that often get dumped on the ground are wall storage or overhead storage

This is great for piles of small tools that can quickly be hung up for easy reach. Bikes are other items best hung up using vertical bike hangers. Overhead garage storage is also handy for seasonal items like Christmas decorations that aren’t needed for the rest of the year.

wall storage

Organising garage shelves

If you want to know how to organise garage shelves, start by making sure you’ve got the right size and strength to hold all of your prized possessions. A uniform colour scheme can help provide a nice cohesive look to your shelving, like our monochromatic matte black range.

Then, you’ll want to choose some kind of container to hold your items. Perhaps you opt for plastic bins for smaller items or some of our benchtop organisers, which are perfect for all kinds of fixings. Make sure you label your drawers or bins for easy identification.

Affordable garage organisation ideas

The key to organising on a budget is considering the available space and how much you want to spend. 

At Pinnacle, we have items that can equally serve you as standalone pieces, like our workbenches or cabinets, or they can be part of a larger selection that works together cohesively. As all our items are powder-coated matte black, they match perfectly.

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Turning your garage into functional spaces

Different people have varying requirements for their garages. Some just want a space to put their car and gardening tools. While others want a smart office setup for their home business, a fun kid’s space, or a place to organise home gym equipment

You can do whatever you want with your garage with the right storage solutions. A popular approach is to “zone” your garage into separate areas for certain activities, keeping any relevant tools or equipment in those zones.

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Let Pinnacle be your guide to garage storage

We hope you’ve come away from this article with more inspiration and motivation to get your garage storage sorted out. You can do so much with the right storage products in your garage. 

See our full range of storage products online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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