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The perfect Christmas gifts for your favourite pets


Christmas is a great occasion to treat your pets with gifts for dogs and cats. It’s not only humans who enjoy the festival season – you can have a pet Christmas too! Pets help us owners feel joy with their ability to be in the moment. They are with us in the good and bad times and are always there to comfort us by demanding a pat or two. At Pinnacle, we’re here with some ideas on the perfect Christmas gifts for your favourite pets.

Christmas outfits

If you’re not content with dressing yourself up for the festive season, you can organise a special pet Christmas occasion by buying your pet a cat or dog Christmas outfit. Both dogs and cats look adorable in pet Christmas costumes, and their new festive look will spark laughter among your kids and make Christmas day even merrier. There are many variations on the cat or dog Christmas outfit – from elves to Santa outfits to reindeer, Grinch costumes, and even red tutus. You’re sure to find the perfect dog Christmas outfit for your pet. Another bonus of buying a dog Christmas outfit is that your photos featuring your suavely dressed pet can double as Christmas cards for your friends and family next year.

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Pet doors

Are you constantly letting your pet in and out of the house? Pet doors make great gifts for dogs and cats alike. Pinnacle pet doors are wind-resistant, preventing debris from blowing into your home. Additionally, you can easily install them on most kinds of doors. Make your pet’s Christmas merry by giving them the gift of freedom to roam outdoors whenever they choose. Not only will it prevent scratching at the door, but you will also no longer need to get up early to allow your dog to relieve itself outside. Buying gifts for dogs and cats that help maintain their dignity is the act of a caring pet parent.


When it comes to gifts for dogs, you can’t go past a robust kennel that will provide shelter from summer sun and storms. For a pet Christmas that ticks all the festivity boxes, why not buy a Pinnacle dog kennel and decorate it with some help from your kids? They will love being involved in creating a new home for their beloved rover. Many of our customers have decorated their kennels – some to match their house, others in vibrant colours, some adding doorbells, night lights, dog name signs, flowerbeds, and much more to customise their dog kennels. Pinnacle dog kennels come in a wide range of sizes to suit different breeds of dogs, with outdoor and indoor kennels available.

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Doggie chew toys

If you want to gently encourage your pooch to stop gnawing on the couch this Christmas, you might have to offer a little bribe in the form of a chew toy. When it comes to gifts for dogs, a chew toy is very practical and will keep them entertained for hours. A pet Christmas can be a minefield of sparkly baubles, draping tinsel, and other attention-grabbing decorations that a pup might try to run off with, and these things may not be the safest for them to destroy. But give them a chew toy, and they will fall in love at first chew, and you can keep your decorations safely in place. Chew toy gifts for dogs will be durable, strong, and made of a sturdy material such as rubber. Some have a design that allows you to put food treats inside for your dog to find.

Treat your pets to a Christmas gift surprise with Pinnacle

At Pinnacle, we don’t just cater to your garage storage needs. We care about your pets as well! Our kennels, pet doors, fowl houses, and chicken coops are available to make your pets more comfortable come Christmas time.

Check out our full range of pet products online or head to your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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