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Spring cleaning 101: The no-dramas guide to garage organisation


The good news is that Winter is out, and Spring is in. It’s a time for clean starts and fresh inspiration. So, why not channel that newfound enthusiasm to get stuck into the garage? It’s an investment that’ll pay off when it comes time to prepare the backyard for barbeque season.  

The hard part? Getting started. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to haul you into action.

Before you start, make a plan

Yes, the plan is to organise the garage. But what do you plan to use it for? Do you simply need more room for your car, or do you want to set up a DIY workspace? Knowing exactly how you want to utilise the space will help you decide how you tidy and reorganise it. 

The plan doesn’t have to be super detailed; just have a firm idea of what you want to achieve.

Step 1. Declutter the garage

Start by getting everything off the shelves and out of the garage. That’s why a sunny Spring day is perfect for this activity. For now, separate items into two piles: keep and chuck. For the chuck pile, sort what can be recycled, upcycled, and donated, then bin the rest.  

A garage cleaning tip for the overwhelmed: Get the family involved, put some music on, make it fun, and enjoy the sunshine. You’ll find the job will be done in no time.

Step 2. Clean the garage

Your garage should now be an empty canvas, ready for all your genius garage storage ideas to fill it. But first, it probably needs a good scrub. Now is the perfect time to tackle those oil stains from the car or give the walls a lick of paint. Trust us, the deeper you clean now, the less you’ll need to do later.

Group 18

Step 3. Itemise your belongings

Now it’s time to sort that keep pile. Group similar items together. Or, sort items depending on how often you’ll need them. That way, you can stash some things out of sight and others things within reach. 

There are no rules to this step. Think about how you want the garage to look and function once you put everything back in.

Step 4. Decide what garage storage you need

With everything itemised and grouped, you should now have a good idea of how much room everything will take up. You’ll also have a few ideas about what storage items you need to add to best use the space. This is where wall-mounted and overhead storage work brilliantly. 

Here are a few items that’ll help you buy back some garage floor real estate:


If you don’t already have a pegboard, now is a great time to get one. Few storage solutions are as versatile and visually functional as a pegboard. Just about anything can be hung using hooks, clips, or racks, including your power tools, gardening gear, and everything in between. You can also attach trays, magnetic toolbars, and other accessories to your pegboard to store whatever you need.


Want to keep your belongings out of sight? A set of drawers will do the trick. Tough, secure (particularly vital if you own expensive tools), and sleek, this item will blend seamlessly into your garage aesthetic. Our drawers are stackable, too, allowing you to customise your setup. 

Next question: Was finding stuff in your garage drawers a lottery? Then you need drawer organisers. These simple but genius items will separate all the small, difficult-to-distinguish items like bolts and screws. With drawer organisers, you’ll have no excuse for pulling out a flat head when you want a Phillips head. 

Another item worth considering is a drawer organiser mounting rack. This handy item attaches to the underside of your workbench, making use of a space that, let’s be honest, usually gets overlooked.

Benchtop Organiser

Bid farewell to your rummaging days with a benchtop organiser. This will keep all those essential yet annoyingly small items together in one place, each with its own little home. Honestly, with this organiser, you’ll start powering through DIY projects.  

Garage with Pinnacle Hardware’s pegboard, workbench, and cabinets for storage organisation.

Step 5. Load everything back in

We’ve arrived at the end, the most satisfying part of this journey. Focus on one section at a time, loading things into the drawers, hanging things on the pegboards, and stacking shelves. And be flexible: if something doesn’t look or fit quite right, now’s your chance to change it.

Make Spring cleaning a breeze with Pinnacle!

If you’re ready to welcome a sunny season of DIY projects, why not check out the range of superior storage solutions from Pinnacle Hardware? We’ll help you reinvigorate your garage and get the most out of your workspace. Simply stop by your local Bunnings today, and together, let’s make this a season to remember!


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